Addy..pls help--> "Heated Code"?

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  1. Addy,(Or anybody pls welcome to share your knowledge/experince)

    I m sorry to bother you here and if this post is in wrong forum, I am very sorry. I would like to know about the "Hated code or the prodcution date" in term of..> "Authentic"

    The Q is How important or matter to find this code? From your great experineces, Is it possible that some in this collection(Louis Vuitton Viva:for any size) doesnt come with the code??

    And for anyone who has this model, Could you pls help me to locate it?( Is it should be on the right side in the "cell phone" compartment?

    MANY THANKKSSSSSS In Advance....!
  2. :biggrin: sorry, Can i bump?
  3. datecodes tend to mean the bag is authentic, gives addition info about the bag such as where it is made and when it is made. the location of the datecode changes from bag to bag, no fixed place although there are common locations.

    as far as i know, all LV bags come with a datecode. Post photo of your bag in "authenticate this" to ensure it's authenticity..
  4. For the Viva Cite, the date code should be stamped onto the red lining.

    Ask date code questions here:
    Authentication queries here:

    And if you want Addy's specific attention, utilise the personal messaging function rather than starting a thread.
  5. Date-codes do not guarantee authenticity. All counterfeits of at least a B-grade contain standard date-codes which are in use.
  6. Also, I don't know how old your item is, but sometimes depending on the lining of a bag, the date code can wear off, all or in part, and be impossible to read. For example, I have an authentic Denim Neo Cabby that I personally purchased at LV and the date code is partially worn off.
  7. Thanks for all to your great answers and your sharing. I m very apologize that i m too specific asking for one member..sorry for that..

    Wow, I just know that even the fake one also possible to have that CODE?!?! But i also wonder that Can they really make this kind of code same to the Auth one?(I wish i can see some samples that's similar)

    The Lv one that i mentioned, it is not that old. In fact, the blue tape still on the buttons flap. So even my limted and short of knowledge, i really doubt of the one that i m interrested. But I thought that it might be some exception for some cases..

    tks a lot again!, appreciated!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.