Address on Paypal invoice different that Ebay address..

  1. Ok...
    So I just sold a bag on eBay. Luckily when I got the box weighed at the post office this morning, the shipping costs were much higher than I expected, or else I wouldnt have noticed this problem!

    Im in the Uk and Im shipping to the US. When the winning bidders details came up on eBay, it had her name and address on Ebays 'Your item has sold' page.
    Now when I received payment it was from a mans named paypal account. The address was different to the winning bidders on eBay, but it has 'C/O' and her name above the address on the paypal receipt.
    I didnt notice that until now when I issued an invoice for the extra shipping costs, and that invoice went to another mans name, but the same surname and the first mans name on the original paypal account. It seems that person tried to pay the extra charges, but it has been 'refused' by my account. I dont know why that is??

    Obviously alarm bells are ringing in my head now, as I have visions of me sending it to one address and then the 'other' address saying that they didnt
    get the bag and then them making a claim against me.

    I have emailed the original woman winning bidder asking about the different names and addresses. Should I wait for her explanation or just refund the payment now and risk my first ever negative???

    Maybe this is a sign as I have been having doubts about letting the bag go as soon as it sold. I think Im selling it just because some members of my family dont like it.

    But that is irrelevent here.;) Any suggestions on what I should do about the paypal/ebay problem?

    TIA :yes:
  2. Wait to see what the bidder says. It is possible she moved and did not change the address in both accounts. Also possible she used someone elses PP account. You can also call PP's number at the bottom of the log in page, although they aren't much help.

    Do you check to see what the buyer bought in the past 2 weeks and what they are bidding on? Sometimes that will tell you an account has been hijacked.

    Is it a confirmed address?
  3. I agree, just wait to see what the buyer says. I've used my bf's paypal account before, maybe the buyer forgot to put the different adress on the paypal slip? Anyway good luck :smile:
  4. I have just recieved this email from her

    Hi - I've done several transactions on ebay and have never had a problem before w/ the paypal. For some reason when you sent me this 2nd invoice for the extra shipping costs it did not allow my password and said it needed to be reset. My husbands name is on the account also? But it is paid now so we should have no more problems. Does that ease your mind? Please let me know if you have any futher questions. Otherwise I will be expecting the shipment.

    She didnt say anything about the two addresses, nor about the second named man...? She hasnt paid the extra still as the only one that was attempted was automatically refused by my paypal account. I have emailed her again with these questions and Im waiting on the response.

    In answer to the queries...the address is 'uncomfirmed' and the last time this ebayer bought anything from ebay was Dec 2006.

    Im stuck now..I dont know what to do.:shrugs:
  5. oh, maybe she moved house and hasn't updated her info.
    I'd be very cautious. If she sends her payment, send the item with signature ver. I think we can get this from UK to US, although it's more expensive, it does keep you safe.
  6. Don't post to an unconfirmed address if you have other concerns especially as the names are different, ask her can she do wire transfer instead & refund her paypal payment.