Address and telephone number of the new Chanel boutique in Florence, Italy

  1. Dear ladies, I thought you might find useful to know the address and telephone number of the new Chanel boutique that opened just before xmas in Florence. Today I went in to enquire about the Les Exclusifs line of perfumes (which they carry) and ansked for their card so here you go:

    Chanel boutique
    Piazza della Signoria 10
    50122 Firenze, Italy
    Tel. +39 055 292395

  2. OMG, I went to Firenze last year in April, and I was very disappointed, because there was NO Chanel here !!! I mean Hermès, Dior, Vuitton...etc But NOT Chanel...
    Now Firenze is going to be more interesting, even it's already one of the most beautiful cities in the world !!!

    THANK YOU Fraublucher !!!
  3. Grazie mille, Fraublucher! I'll be there in a couple of weeks and can't wait to check out il nuovo negozio! :smile:
  4. oh. my GOD I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw it when it was still under construction when I was there in November. Now I want to go back SOOOOO MUCH!!!! Grazie mille, sei bravisssssima bella!
  5. :supacool: *blush* :shame:
  6. Oh my dear,love your avatar!!!Complimenti per il tuo splendido bimbo!!!:love::love:
  7. Grazie! Thanks so much for your kind words!!
  8. has anyone been in yet that can anyone tell me how it is? i must live vicariously!!!!:p
  9. And another interesting question is....
    is there anything on sale? :graucho::graucho::graucho: