add'l 50% off @ J.Crew

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  1. J.Crew is having an additional 50% off of sale items. I got a pair of pants for $6 :yahoo:
  2. wow, this is a great sale!
  3. The store or the website ? J Crew is like my second home
  4. I think they had 25% off online
    and 50% is in store..
  5. Is there a code? I went to and didn't see the 50% off.
  6. instore only
  7. thanks, i'll check it out tomorrow
  8. Um, yeah, I'll be there tomorrow. :graucho:
  9. This is why I LOVE tpF....I will be there today and thanks for the tip!
  10. these things never happen at the Atlanta jcrews :sad:. we usually have an extra 25% off, max, and usually nothing. i guess maybe the stores are so high volume here that they don't have to discount as much?
  11. You also get and additional 10% off if you have a college ID (they actually do this all the time, you just have to ask).
  12. I just got back from the NYC Rockefellar Plaza location...tons of merchandise in two different sections. Check out the whole store...I found madras Bermuda shorts from last season my daughter wanted mixed in with the new stuff...when I went to pay they were also 50% off. I got white camp shirts, lots of t shirts and tanks. GO!
  13. Thanks for the info! I might make a run....
  14. Is this a new sale? I went Sunday and sale stuff was only 25% off :sad: Plus, they don't do adjustments on sale merchandise...
  15. I just got back from one in NY and made out like a bandit! Bought a ton of stuff, pants, shirts, tops, avg price paid per item was $15!!!! thank you guys so much for the FYI! Definitely worth the trip.