add'l 30% off Final Sale - 2 days only

  1. Saw a code for free shipping, no minimum purchase: JAN08
  2. all the stuff i wanted is gone! WAHHH!
  3. kwolzmu - thanks for the code. I got 30% off plus free shipping. Quite a deal!
  4. I had a whole bunch of stuff in my bag yesterday and now it's all gone! I shouldn't have waited. :tdown:
  5. If you saw the items you wanted recently, I would recommend calling and asking if a customer service associate can find one in the system for you. I've done it twice and got what i wanted both times!
  6. Wow, there's hardly anything left!
  7. sounds good
  8. it started last night, that's why
  9. I feel silly waiting, not ordering yesterday because I was swamped at work - the final sale dress is no longer on the webbie :sad: Anyway I did manage to buy 2 dresses, one of which was on final sale but where they ran out of the size. However I was able to place a preorder on the item - so I will still get the dress when it comes in, at the promo price, albeit in march! Having said that, that's because the dress is still shown online and not those which have been taken off the webbie. The SA said that the online website is only updated hourly, but he was nice enough to let me apply my free shipping code when I did a phone order! :smile:
  10. Got a cute top but missed out on a pair of shoes... ah well!:smile:
  11. Boo, I placed an order last Fri so missed out on the 30% but then again the items I ordered might not have been available. Plus got free shipping so not maybe its not as bad.
  12. Whoo hoo! :yahoo:
  13. Thanks!