Additional security verification

  1. "Your order requires additional security verification by our customer
    services team. We will send you a confirmation e-mail within the next 72

    Do you get this message every time you buy something from Mulberry's website, or just for your first purchase?

  2. Ooooo Dolly what have you been buying.
  3. No, I didn't get that message but I have ordered a few times now, so can't remember if it happened the first time as that was several years ago.. sorry not much help...
  4. I got that one the first time i ordered from there, but haven't bought from the online shop since, so don't know if it happens every time...
  5. I got this the first time I bought something
  6. no, never had this..Are you sure your item is in stock, as I remember someone else mentioning this when the item was no longer in stock and they could not fulfill the order and this was a standard email??
  7. I'm buying the Oxford, which was shown as o/s and then came back into stock, and has been showing as in stock since I "bought" it. We'll see what happens!
  8. Received the same message with my first order. The item was in stock, ordered it on a Thurs and they didn't ship until the following Monday. Guess they were ensuring my crdeit card was legit before shipping.
  9. Didn´t get it the first time but the second. Was not any problems to get the wanted bag but kind of nervous anyway until the real order confirmation arrived. Hope you get your confirmation soon!
  10. I got this, but was happy about it as I've been the victim of ID fraud before so I've got a note on my account requesting that extra security checks are made wherever possible. I received the bag I'd ordered the next day :smile:
  11. Got this email
    "Your Mulberry order has been processed and will be dispatched shortly."
    Do you get a further one advising it's been sent and what carrier do they use? Royal Mail Spec Del or something else?
  12. I think they use UPS which means it'll be next day,fingers crossed for you!!!:tup:
  13. Bound to come when I'm out!!! (Even if I only go out for an hour, you can bet it will come then!)
  14. Hahaha!! Just typical isn't it??!!!
  15. ^^^^^ They left mine with a neighbour as I was out when they came to deliver , but like you say I`d sat in all day and just nipped out to buy some milk and yep the minute I went out they turned up!!!