Additional Markdowns at Off 5th locations

  1. I don't know if this was already posted but I was at Off 5th in Anaheim today and they're having their end of the season clearance sale. I noticed several MJ bags marked off additional, including this bag in hot pink, blue and eggshell for about $320:

    I saw some small quinns and pouchettes also marked down for about $150 to $220. There was a darling eggplant clutch for $59 that I managed to stay away from.

    There were also some Guinevieres, a large satchel, and Karolinas available but not with the additional mark down.
  2. Thithi, thanks for sharing. =)
    After reading about all the deals everyone here got, I went to Ontario Mills (for Off 5th Saks Outlet & Nordtrom Rack) with my sister recently. In addition to those Thithi mentioned, there were several Sophia (in green) & Katie (in various colors) at this Off 5th. Didn't see any MJ items at Nordstrom Rack.
  3. are they in good shape?
    i bought an MJ from an off fifth store and ended up returning it coz there were way too many scratches on it.
  4. Some of them were in good shape; most the larger ones were ok and the smaller ones with the additional markdowns had quite a few scratches.

    Thanks bag.lover for reminding me, Nordstrom Rack had the small cammies for about $320 in all sorts of colors(black, cream, brown) and some soft calf large satchels in light mint for about $500. These were at the SCP and Glendale locations. There were also some suede clutches with additional markdowns in pink and purple.
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