Additional Handbags On Sale @ Rodeo Drive Resale

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  1. thanks for posting this. they got in some great bags. I was deciding on the green D&G leather purse but it look like someone already bought it :sad:

    I think I need that tan Chanel bag..hmmmmmmm
  2. does anyone know if they still have the store in Sherman Oaks? Or is it solely online now?
  3. They are no longer in Sherman Oaks. They had a fire in April or May-ish of last year and since then they have been online only. I used to shop there so much but I have noticed that since they have been online only they have alot better bag selection online. I am guessing before all the great bags used to sell in the store and would never make it online. I have been shopping online on their website since the boutique closed and I love it. I usually call and order over the phone but you can order online through the site as well.:woohoo:
  4. thanks fashionraq! I wonder if any beauties got damaged/lost in the fire! what a shame! But good for us who didn't have a chance to get to the store to grab all of the goodies