Additional 75% Off At Urban Outfitters!!!!

  1. OH MY GOSH! An extra 75% of already reduced prices in store! I got a tee for $2 a peasent top $7 and knickers for $1!!!! GO GO GO!!!!:nuts:
  2. Damn, I need to head over, ASAP! Thanks!
  3. OOO! I ran over there as quick as I could! Thank you! I got two pairs of shorts for only 2.49! And they had a great selection of housewares on sale. I got a large rug for only 7 dollars!
  4. Confirmed at Santana Row in San Jose. Definetly no Tokidoki's.
    Lots of random things ... spotted a pair of Van shoes for Men Size 11 high tops for $2! Womens clothes is super random - lots of skirts, shorts, funky stuff. Houseware is picked over. Lots of random shoes.
  5. Sadly that Urban dosen't even carry Tokidokis, I asked them about 2 months ago if they had them in stock and they were like, "Tokiwha?". :crybaby:
  6. has anyone been to any of hte locations in NYC?
  7. Just returned from NYC Upper East location across from Bloomingdales...for under $35.00 I have a bag full of clothes...mostly tops and 1 bomber jacket..all for my daughter who will be thrilled. There is not much left...two racks on the second floor and another rack near the dressing rooms. Good amount of jeans. Also check downstairs near the cash registers...people often leave thing they don't want there. I would hurry..
  8. Do they do charge and ship over the phone? There's not even an Urban Outfitters in my state!!
  9. I doubt it...they are not known for their great service.
  10. I went yesterday and the sale was great. I bought 15 tops for only $80! It's weird too cuz some of the tops I bought are still regular priced online. It's definitely worth a trip to your nearest UO!
  11. Went there today and got 3 bottoms, 6 tops, 1 scarf, 1 small purse and a pair of boots for at total of $49.98. I thought everything would be picked over but there are still a few gems to be found. My advice to anyone..give it a try!
  12. i just came from UO. i came home with 2 pairs of skinny jeans each $4 and a top for $1.49! there weren't many tops that were in Small, so i didn't bring home a motherload. not a lot of stuff left. hurry!
  13. Im going to check this out today! Thanks for the heads up.
  14. thanks!
  15. Yeesh, I just bought some cheap stuff the other day. Guess I have to head back again. :smile: