Additional 50% off all sale items @ Urban Outfitters

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  1. Great steals to be had in-store!

    I got 4 t-shirts, a sweater, and a belt today for $50.
  2. oh gee i was just there yesterday but didnt pay attention to the sales!!!
  3. only in-store???
  4. i was there yesterday and bought 2 shirts and a tank top for $5 bucks each! i was so happy
  5. My sister got a bunch of BIG pillows for $2.49 each!!
  6. they always have great deal on roomwares!!
  7. does anyone know if they do price adjustments?
  8. oh, i remember the last time they did this, i got tons of great stuff... even jeans for $5, tees for $2.49, etc. i must check it out tomorrow before all the good stuff's gone!

    thanks for sharing!
  9. yes, they do price adjustments as long as its within 14 days and you have to bring your receipt
  10. Aww, that's my favorite store, but they don't have them where I live now!!

  11. Thank You SOOOO much! I just grabbed some cute flats for 5 bucks! My friend got a puma sweater for 5 bucks too! Awesome, im going to hit up all the ub here in chicago!
  12. I don't think that the sale is online. Will have to go to the store this weekend and check it out.
  13. Thank you!:flowers:
  14. :s sigh was hoping it was online
  15. ^ Me too. We don't have one here.