Additional 25% off markdown at Saks starts tomorrow!

  1. :wlae:Was told by my sales associate the additional 25% off clearance starts tomorrow! Went in tonight to make my selections for the EGC event and ended up with new found items most likely returns but still great deals! One pair of Manolos came down from $685 to $154 so head over to check it out :nuts:
  2. Do you know if this will be on-line too?
  3. Thanks for posting! I'm on my way!!!
  4. Is that in addition to the 40% off they've been having?
  5. Oh no!
    I just ordered a pair of Dior flat boots online.
    Is it online & in store? Will they post more online? or put more out on the floor?
    Thanks for the info!
  6. It has already started now online, but I'm having trouble.

    It showed sales price on the page, but as I tried to checkout. The original price came on.:confused1:
  7. me too!!!

    So theres an extra off the sale prices which started TODAY @ 12:00 and the prices are advertised as that right now but we can't get them until the system goes all the way through and updates. They wont even allow you to buy the stuff and they adjust it. THats soooo much bull!!!!!!!!! If you advertise something and the prices show up but just not in the cart, thats a load of crap not to offer a pa. I could see if it was from my items from the morning but its stuff that I want now! Plus, putting things in your cart doesnt secure them. Im pissed and this is bull! Its like false advertisement. They should of had thier damn system ready to go at 12.
    Here's my convo with the helpless SA, its not her fault though.
    0:06:32 AM System Welcome Stacie ...
    0:06:35 AM System Thank you for visiting
    0:06:35 AM System Connected with Britani F. -Saks
    0:06:35 AM System Your Session ID: 492119
    0:06:41 AM Britani F. -Saks Thank you for visiting My name is Britani F. -Saks. How may I assist you today?

    0:07:58 AM You Hi. I want to purchase some sale items but they do not appearin my cart for the price on the main sles page
    0:08:31 AM Britani F. -Saks Yes, unfortunately our website is being updated at this time. The updated prices will appear within the next hour.

    0:09:28 AM You Is there anyway that i can purchase my items now and the price be corrected because i dont want to loose my items seeng that they are not safe just sitting in the cart
    0:10:26 AM Britani F. -Saks No, I certainly apologize. If you purchase the items now, we are unable to issue a price adjustment for the current sale.
    0:11:08 AM Britani F. -Saks I certainly apologize.
    0:12:11 AM You So you are saying that even if I buy them now when the sale is "supposedly" legit, I will not be able to get them at the price they are stated to be.?
    0:12:40 AM Britani F. -Saks That is correct. The statement regarding price adjustments is on
    0:14:18 AM Britani F. -Saks Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    0:16:32 AM Britani F. -Saks I have not heard from you in a while. If you have any questions, please let me know. I will continue to stand by while you decide how I can assist you further.
    0:16:52 AM You no. that was all. I'm sorry but I'm really disappointed. I could understand if e couldn't do that on items from earlier this week but you all are advertising that price right now. But oh well. Thank you for your help.

    0:17:47 AM Britani F. -Saks My pleasure.
  8. Same thing is happening to me.
  9. Ya...I wonder how much % off in total right now? A bit confused now..:confused1: any one can help?
  10. Right now its almost 70% off items. For example:

    If you see some jeans that we 196, earlier today they were marked down to 60 which was the 60 percent.

    then tonight after 12, in a search you will find them for 45 because thats the extra 25% off price. But the system usnt all the way updated so you can see this price when browsing but not when u pull up the product detail or put it in your cart because the systems not done updating:tdown:
  11. Arg, I was so torn!!! EVERY ITEM I wanted was the last one available in my size, so I went ahead tonight and ordered it before the extra 25% off took effect.

    Now I'm second thinking my decision because I didn't get the discount.
  12. That's so weird! I recently had a bad experience with their price adjustment. I just received the dress then I found the price dropped, so I chat to see if they can do price adjustment, and I was told that I couldn't since my size was sold out!!!
  13. oh no judging by the many views I think we are bout to crash:angel: the site again! just like midnight on Christmas LOL :p
  14. I really wanted those uggs and i had them in my cart. and just like i told that freakin lady, as soon as the site kicked up, i was one click away from confirming my order and the darn things were gone. Oh well it was meant to be because i really didnt care for the chocolate , i was getting them for the sale and theres hardly uggs in 10s on sale.
  15. I just checked my shopping cart prices. They show sales prices, so ready, set and go shopping!:yahoo: