Additional 25% off at through tuesday 10/16/07 only!

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    Code "BIRTHDAY" for an extra 25% off both regularly-priced and sale-priced merchandise. Ends October 16, 2007, at midnight est!

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  2. Thanks for the code.:tup:

    I have been looking for a Botkier medium Bianca in grey snake, they have it on sale and with another 25%, it's around $378.75 which is a good deal I think. I'd totally get it but I'm a bit wary about their return policy, looks like they have no return policy on sale handbags. Anyone have experience with this website?
  3. $378.75 is a great deal for a medium bianca! I got my small pearlized cognac for $412 and thought that was a great deal since I love it so much. I've shopped with Rapunzel's a few times before, and have always been pleased with their service, but I've never tried to return anything so I don't know how lenient they will be with their return policy on sale items. Hopefully another tPf member can help you out with that!
  4. Rapunzel's allows no returns on purses, period, whether they're on sale or not! I've wanted to buy things from them in the past, but that policy scared me off! I talked to them on the phone and they said it was because they were tired of people using bags and then returning them. A few really ruin it for everyone, don't they?