Additional 25% off already reduced items

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  1. Use code "SALE0109". Offer also redeemable at Burberry Stores. Ends Jan 19th
  2. dang it! sold!
  3. good deal; i've used it 2x to order a Warrior bag and a wallet.:tup:
  4. is that off of sale items only?
  5. ^^yes sale items only
  6. Thanks SO much for posting this. I just purchased a metallic Burberry tote at a store while traveling and called them today and they took an additional 25% off and are mailing me the receipt.

    I so much appreciate TPF ladies being on the lookout! It irks me to think that I would have paid that much more for it though. I'm waiting to see if anyone has any information on the metallics about cracking/peeling before I decide to keep it.

    Thanks much!
  7. does anyone know if this code works in the UK??
  8. My small Warrior bag came today. I love it! I can't imagine how big the large must be because this is perfect for me. The color is trench which is like a cross between putty and a gray.

  9. ^It's a beautiful bag. Congrats!!
  10. Thank you ACS!
  11. #12 Jan 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
    Congratulations on your Warrior!! Beautiful.

    I bought a Trench "Lauderdale" today with the extra 25% off at a Burberry store. I had purchased a hobo in the metallic but just couldn't see myself carrying the metallic enough. Has anyone ever seen the Lauderdale? It's a hobo style with gold hardware. It has little gold bars on it. I didn't see it in the Burberry catwalk. Love the extra 25%!!
  12. ^^Sounds wonderful! Can you post some pics?
  13. Boo that code doesn't work for me. I'm trying to buy a quilted coat online and it's 30% off right now.
  14. i would like to see how a lauderdale looks like if you don't mind sharing some eyecandy. thanks a bunch!:heart:
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