additional 20% off jenny yuen gatsby bags at Delcina

  1. starting MONDAY, 2/11 take 20% off delcina's deal of the week, jenny yeun's gatsby bags in black, bronze, and chocolate....this takes the bag down to 50% off!!!

    use code "grechen" - valid this week only.

  2. Grechen- wow! Are you still loving your bag??? Hope you are doing well!
  3. Ooh I wish the blue was on sale!! :push:
  4. Hi!! yes, i do still LOVE my held up well to constant use since i got it, but i'm currently letting my sister use it since she LUSTED after it so much lol! she uses it as a quasi-diaper bag and loves it!! (and i recently got a silver jerome dreyfuss billy bag that i have to use for a while :yes:)
  5. omg, the blue is FABULOUS!!! imo, the color really makes the bag.
    wait it will go on sale eventually :yes:
  6. I have to echo your sentiment as well! The blue is truly stunning. I hope it'll go on sale soon! :graucho:
  7. Thanks for the heads up! I have the gatsby in almond and love it, this style is really amazing in terms of both looks and functionality. I'm not sure I can justify another one in black or brown but it is tempting...
  8. Grechen- glad to hear it! I can see it being used as a diaper bag. I loved the sapphire color but thought it was too big for my every day needs. The leather was very nice.
  9. what a great deal!!
  10. YES! I just ordered the Gatsby in Chocolate for $450! With the grechen code, it came to $416 but since I live in Cali, they have to charge me sales tax. Even so, thats a DEAL! The black Gatsby I bought from Luna Boston was $500, and I thought that was a deal!:yahoo:

    Thank you Grechen! you are the best!:tup:
  11. yay GUNG!!!! the chocolate is so nice - i wish i wasn't broke :sad:
  12. Oh MY!!! Thank you! I love Jenny Yuen bags! I'm so torn now between the chocolate and the black. Both are beautiful and I already have both black and brown bags large bags in my closet, but I can't pass up this deal. Which would you get? Also, does anyone know if the chocolate has the pink stitching or the matching brown stitching?
  13. I like the bronze! If you can't decide, that's a pretty neutral color....
  14. I hadn't really thought about the bronze because I'm not really a shiny purse kinda gal. Do you have this bag? Do you know if it is a shiny or dull bronze, how is the leather.... details please? TIA
  15. I like the bags but they have no resale value. I put my new sapphire pandora up on eBay for literally 1/8 of what i paid and no takers!