Additional 10% off @ Outlet

  1. Hi all...Just got back from visiting my local Coach Outlet and was told there was a "Holiday Sale" going on till Sunday. Looks like they are offering an additional 10% off clearance items on top of their additional off clearance. :yahoo:

    They also have 06' legacy line on clearance as it's been delated from full price stores.

    Got a beautiful 06' Whiskey Shoulder bag for $143.99. I'd post pics but I have no idea how to do that...

    They had Ali in call colors and some other bags but I don't know all their names.

    Overall great deals!!
  2. Thanks for the info, gonna head up to the outlet on Saturday morning. And congrats on your new bag :tup:
  3. Hi, what outlet were you at?
    did you say they had ali's in ALL colors?
  4. REALLLYY? What outlet did you go to? I've been looking for 06 legacy shoulder bag!!!!
  5. At the Clinton, CT outlet they had the Ali in Whiskey. They also had the large satchel type bag, (I forgot what it is called) in whiskey and black. It was beautiful. I think that it was a little over $300 after all the discounts.
  6. Gosh I want an Ali, our outlet kind of sucks for having nicer things...I should bribe someone to go for me, LOL
  7. OMG! I have been lusting after that shoulder bag for so long - what a steal! Hmmm, how to get to the outlet this weekend without hubby killing me over buying yet another purse.... :graucho:
  8. I'm heading to Lancaster on Saturday.. I hope they have some Legacy items... it's my favorite line!!!
  9. I work at the Tilton, New Hampshire outlets so I'm always going in Coach. One of the SA told me the legacy line was deleted since the Bleeker line is doing so well. So most outlets should have some or all the pieces.

    To make it even worse Coach moved 3 doors down from the store I work at. Was on a ban until one of the girls came in and said they had the legacy collection on clearance. I too have been lusting for a shoulder bag in Whiskey since they were released.
  10. there were ali's in black, whiskey and white.
  11. The Castle Rock, CO outlet has the same 10% off sale. As of 12/07 at noon, they also have a bunch of '06 legacy leather bags in black, whiskey, white and natural. I got a Satchel in natural and a Flap bag in black for 60% off!!! (the '07 Satchel in Whiskey is from the PCE sale at a regular coach boutique.)

  12. Wow those bags are gorgeous! Do you have a modeling pic of the satchel? Is the satchel pretty heavy? Thanks in advance!
  13. megggsud,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this info!!!
    I called and had a black and whiskey Ali put on hold for me and my husband picked them up a few hours ago!! I cannot believe it b/c I have been lusting after whiskey Ali for a year!
  14. I'll try to post a photo tomorrow (in my jammies already tonight!) holding the satchel. As with most nice leather bags of this size, it is pretty heavy. I'm used to heavy bags, so it's really not an issue with me. They are gorgeous, so it's worth it!
  15. No Problem!! I knew that if I was as excited to see them most of you here would be just as happy:heart::yahoo::okay: