Addison Tote for Job interviews?

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  1. I am a freelancer in the entertainment business. Sometimes I work for small non for profits for small salaries and sometimes I do commercial jobs for more money. I go on job interviews all the time and have been searching for the perfect job interview / work tote for years. I had a coach multifunction tote that I loved years ago and it started falling apart and they couldn't repair it. I have bought, returned so many bags over the past few years looking for a replacement. I keep looking at the addison and thinking this could be it!
    I have a 30% off coupon which I could use.

    My mom says its a bad idea to take a coach bag on an interview though. What do you think.

    I really like the signature. I have a bad back and leather bags tend to be heavy for me.
  2. I wonder why it is a bad idea to bring a coach bag to an interview? i don't think it matters, as long as it's a decent neutral bag that dosen't make you look "weird or crazy". The addison is hughe, for sure. I m thinking she's at least as hughe as the peyton. If you are comfortable with that, then why not? Unless you're buying pink or something, that wouldn't look as professional as a "earth" color for an interview.
  3. I'm not sure I would take a signature print bag on an interview. I think you really need something more neutral.
  4. I usually carry a medium neutral brown/tan bag--like an Ergo belted hobo, for instance. I totally love it because the colour neutral and yet neat, pretty, and professional. [BTW, I borrowed this pic.]

    Brown/tan/beige is always a safe choice--even with a matching scarf accessory. :okay:

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  5. I took a signature print bag to my last interview for the job I have now. No one even seemed to notice honestly. Until I went back to fill out paperwork and the HR lady said she loved my purse. So....that may not matter. Would I make a different choice now? Probably....but I agree as long as you are comfortable with it then I think you'll be fine. Now, it may also depend on your field of work. I am a graphic designer, so bright color and being a little funky sometimes comes with the territory. LOL So take the type of job, and where you are interviewing as a clue too. Good luck!
  6. I think its fine to bring a coach bag to an interview but i wouldn't go with signature. Maybe its just because I'm not a signature fan but it seems less professional. I'm a freelancer also and when I go on an interview I want to sell my own brand rather than someone else's.

    I don't think it will really matter that much either way. I doubt they will really make a decision about you based on your bag, but I think you'll come off as being slightly more professional if you steer clear of signature.
  7. I think it's ok. I took my blue scarf print tote to a job interview for my current position and they never even took notice. My whole office is very laid back so I honestly doubt my manager knew what it was in the first place. :smile:
  8. Since you're in the entertainment biz, I think siggy would be fine - I agree it's so hard to find a good work/laptop bag - I was carrying a Coach black nylon multi-function tote, but it was kinda boring (I'm in the internet entertainment biz) and I finally ended up with a Raspberry leather Ignes, but the Addison is very nice - I especially like the Spectator one - the grey would be a nice neutral, but a little different than a standard black or brown bag.
  9. I think wearing a Coach bag to an interview is fine. I can't really imagine a job where it wouldn't be ok. You're trying to pull off a professional look and Coach is a well-made item that a professional would carry. I don't think there's anything wrong with siggie, especially if you're wearing a solid color outfit. The interview should be about you and your capabilities. Your appearance is just frosting on the cake and as long as you're clean, comfortable, classy, and confident, you'll be fine! ;)
  10. I also think there is no problem carrying a Coach bag to an interview unless you are trying to get a job at Dooney, lol! And the Addison is a great choice since it is roomy and structured. I say go for it and don't give it a second thought :tup:
  11. I use a Coach Colebrooke Briefcase for interviews. It is small and compact and I can fit my resume and some handbag items in it. Would not be great for a regular work tote though.
  12. Now a neon yellow or neon green bag might a bit much,but i dont think a reg Coach signature is a problem at all.
  13. A question might be why does your mother not want you to take a Coach bag?
    Is it a particular style she is thinking of? What is the interview for?
    Lots of 'fashion" flare might not be appropriate.. distracting..too casual..some bags look kind of slouchy...
    But a clean, simple professional look, says sophisticated, class...
  14. I just got done interviewing for jobs and did a bit of research on proper interview attire and asked a close friend who works for The consensus is stick to a neutral simple bag, and a briefcase is best. I didn't understand this until I asked why...The thinking behind it is that some people are not 'into' the newest fashion and may look down on you for being too trendy. I think the black leather would definitely be fine, but I'm not so sure about the siggy.
  15. Well you might be able to get by with a siggy bag, but I would think a clean, simple leather bag would generally be best. I think it looks more professional and just looks better overall!

    I have no experience with the Addisons so can't help you there.