Adding to my Charm/Keyfob Collection...

  1. Mr. Squish :p He is so cute!!

  2. I dont see the picture,.... I want to see the new charm :sad:
  3. I see him... hmm..

    I'll try again..

  4. delightful! :biggrin:
  5. Don't see him either. :sad:
  6. right click show picture on the red x, he should come up
  7. very cute!
  8. Can you put him on your bag...
    and post a pic.
  9. Awww that is so cute!!!
  10. Very cute! I wanna see your whole keychain collection!
  11. Aw! I have that one on my keys right now! He's the CUTEST!!!!! Makes me REALLY want Spring! :smile:
  12. That is so cute!!!!!
    Spring is right around the corner :woohoo:
  13. Adorable! I too am adding to my charm/keyfob collection - its a fun little Coach fix!
  14. I can't see the pic :sad:
  15. he is such a cutie! :tup: