Adding to Chanel collection at NM

  1. Just as FYI

    On Monday, NM will be getting new Chanels that have been added to their collection!!

    So if you have been thinking about getting a new one, I would highly suggest you head over to NM on Monday and get a look at them (or at least at the Chanel book) and get one! :love:

    I actually have to wait until Tuesday since my SA doesn't work Mondays. But you guys should take advantage of this! ;)
  2. Is this in addition to the fall trunk show bags? I attended the fall trunk show last week at NM's and my SA didn't mention any other new bags.
  3. It is probably that, lol! But at NMs that don't sell Chanel bags directly and get them from other places, we get them on Monday ;) hehehe

    Soo you're lucky!
  4. are you talking about trunk show?? If so, different NM has different dates I think.
  5. Huh, ok,

    Well i guess nvm ;)