Adding or changing straps to your bag.

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  1. Hi, everyone!

    My new Roxy is shaping up a treat, but sadly the handles it comes with aren't *quite* long enough for me to fit comfortably over my shoulder (darn my big upper arms). Have any of you bought straps for your bags or replaced straps that your bags came with?

    Ideally, I'd love to have a strap that matches my new girl for the D-rings, just long enough for me to pop over my shoulder and carry comfortably, but that's not likely to happen. Apple green anything is hard to find these days, and I doubt someone has an aged strap hanging around that will match the patina on my lady.

    So: what do y'all recommend? What would you do in my situation? I'm stuck, but would really like to have something to carry my new beautiful girl a bit more comfortably.
  2. Hi Maels - I know, Roxies, bless their hearts, don't have a very generous handle drop, so they can be tricky to carry over the arm, especially with thick clothing!...never understood why they didn't come with strap like Rosie really......I know Etsy (the craft/handmade Forum) do straps to measure, and I think even customised Guitar straps (I recall Alexa Chung carries hers that way!) - so that could be a funky option?...and you could always get a black one, with maybe some green detailing....just a thought as you are probably right that getting a colour match for your Apple baby would be difficult!......but do check them out....I've been meaning to do so for ages, so would be interested how you get on!....:biggrin:
  3. This lady has made straps for many of us on the forum made to order and fast delivery she has lots of pictures on Facebook of the end results of her work with mulberry and Balenciaga bags
  4. Many banjo straps come with clips or ties at both ends rather than a tie and leather loop fitting on a guitar strap. This might be a quick option to try. Lots on fleabay.
  5. There is a company in Chicago that will custom make guitar straps. They have a seatbelt material backing in loads of colour choices and a huge selection of patterned and plain facings. I have not ordered a strap from them, but did contact them as to the suitability for using on a handbag. They suggested that one could be made with swivel hook clasps instead of the leather ends. Have a look and see what you think - the link is:
    PS. I have no connection with this company
  6. I'd love to have a bit of advice from anyone still checking this thread - I pulled an old belt I don't use much out of the closet tonight and sewed it together around the D-rings to make a strap. I think it looks pretty nifty, but are the colors too close together?

    I've included some photos of what I've done; the best picture for color is the one taken with flash - sadly it was too bright to properly show off how the whole thing works.

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  7. Maels - that's genius !! I'd never have thought about going down the "belt" road, and doing that gives "us" so many options !! (I'd been thinking bout a longer, cross-body strap for my Rosemarys, but wasn't sure how to find one) - I think it looks great - but the best thing is - you can change it any time you feel like it - good job poppet, xH
  8. That straps were really nice. Oh so now I do I regret selling my beautiful Brooke in oak, with a patina TDF, but i just could not have the chain digging and pinching in my shoulder anymore. But now I know where to look if some lovely bag w/o a strap would show up again...
    Oh, I think I need to buy a bag just so I can have one of those lovely straps...;)
  9. I bought a couple of straps from this seller, one of which is just right for oak Brooke!

    I don't know if they ship to the US, but can recommend to UK ladies.
  10. Woohoo Plemont. You read my mind again! I've called mulberry today to enquire about buying a mitzy strap to add to a hobo. I really like long dangly straps as well as the hobo handle. They said they couldn't sell me one as the hobo wasn't intended to be worn across the body. That's annoying , as I only wanted it as an accessory. Anyway, your eBay seller looks good. Have you ever bought a choc brown strap? If so, how was it? ANd more o the point ... If none sees a mitzy strap for sale pls et me know. Xx
  11. No choc. Choc deprived here. :confused1: I STILL don't have a chocolate Mulberry - that needs putting right at some stage doesn't it? The tan strap is a pretty good match for patinated Oak, and the black - well, unsurprisingly it matches black NVT or darwin pretty well!

    They're not perfect (real Mulberry straps would have stitching along the sides) but hey, who's going to notice that? They'll do nicely until a genuine strap comes along on eBay at a reasonable price, or until Mulberry CHANGE THEIR MINDS ABOUT THE SILLY RULE AND START SELLING SEPARATE STRAPS AGAIN! (shouting at Mulberry here, not the lovely TPF ladies)
  12. :biggrin: