Adding long shoulder strap to Popincourt

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm contemplating whether to add a long shoulder strap to my Popincourt as I'm a little tired of being being able to hand hold it only. Will the metal scratch? Would it look weird? Please let me know your opinions.

  2. thats a great idea :smile: i'm hoping to add this bag to my collection and will add the strap as well.
  3. I think it would be a great idea. not look silly at all.
  4. In fact I think i have decided that for the money i'm going to buy this bag USED, and forgo my wallet.
    I can get this bag used for a nice price and with what i was going to spend on a wallet i can buy the strap too :smile:
  5. why not?
    if you are sick of handheld, the cost of a strap will save you from buying another bag!
    and as for the scratching, i have never heard of attatching a strap hurting the bag. but i also have not done any research onthe subject!
  6. thats such a cute idea. go for it
  7. Which pop. If its the pop long than it will look like a dhurna. Which is one of my fave bags.

  8. the popincourt!

    strap that goes with
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  9. I've always had a strap attached to my Speedy. The clips of the strap will rub against the handles of the purse causing it to turn black on the edges. I'm ok with this because I love the convenience of a strap, but the same thing will probably happend to your Popincourt. You won't really notice the blackness around the edges, so I say go for the strap!!
  10. I think it would look cute.
  11. go for it!:p
  12. Hmm, I don't know, I would try it out at the boutique and see how it looks. I'm having trouble picturing it with a long strap because of the shape.

  13. Do you have any pics of this? I am interested in doing this as well. Thx!
  14. great idea!
  15. Pics really would help you, but my feeling is, this is your bag & you can wear it as you wish!