Adding insult to injury...

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  1. All this talk about celebrity babies is driving me CRAZY...

    now this:


    And this:
    Who is that you ask? Well that is British pop star Lily Allen, pregnant and SMOKING!

    This is so depressing :hysteric:
  2. Tell me about it. My hubby told me about Britney's sis this morning and I was like yeah so? It is depressing in some way but we all know that we do our best with our body so that the baby will be healthy in the future. That is all that matter!
  3. That is so disgusting that she is pregnant at 16!! That family needs some serious therapy, Brittany more than anyone!!
    And dont' get me started on pregnant smokers!!!
  4. She is only 3 months... she wouldn't even be showing yet!! So what is w/this:
  5. Wait... is her face on Christina's body or something?
  6. that her face on Britney's body I think. i remember seeing that cover
  7. Oh yeah, you're right!! HAHAHAHAH... that makes sense now...
  8. ha ha ha ha.