Adding insult to injury....

  1. Ok, so I first stated this am, how I went for a wallet and came home with the hidden chain hobo yesterday. Today I was on site, and as I was watching my machines rip a building apart debris falling to the ground, I was inspired to call Saks. (Downtown Bklyn makes me want to call Saks-I've been very lucky calling from this one site in the past-ex: Got the original Coco Cabas when I called from that neighborhood.) So I called, to have my wallet shipped to me, (by the time I go there and park, I am already out $60 before i walk in the door of the store) and instead I started asking for other things. I ended up buying the Cameilla Credit Card holder due to the fact that I was starting at my LV business card holder and started to hate it. Why can't I focus???????
  2. It's the Chanel bug, it leaves you addicted and I am afraid thats prob why you can't focus. Can't wait to see pics of those lovely Chanel goodies
  3. You got the bug for sure, just like everyone else here... ;)
    You got great new additions though! The hobo is gorgeous, I've seen it in the other thread that you posted, and the camellia c/c holder, that's absolutely TDF!
  4. hahahahahahahhahaa. omg, i just love the way you're addicted!

    i'm in the same condition!

    first i told my SA from NM that i wanted a pair of chanel sunnies, then came in a prada clutch, then a pair of earrings, then a pair of loubs, and all fell thru cause i wanted a cabas at the eleventh hour, then the sunnies got sold out and i threw in a timeless clutch.

  5. Your closet got incurable Chanel virus ... ha ha ha.....
  6. Yeah, Chanel is like a drug to me and I am soo addicted, if I don't get my fix- I go CRAZY!:nuts:
  7. Don't be so hard on yourself. I just got off the phone with Chanel at Bellagio in Las Vegas and ordered my 4th Chanel wallet. Yes, 4th! And 3 are black!!This from a person who was perfectly happy with her two Coach wallets and said she would never spend "that much money" on a Chanel wallet because it could go toward a new bag.

    Well, no new bags are of interest to me so my attention has turned to wallets and more wallets. Someone save me from myself!! Who the heck needs 3 black wallets?!
  8. The camellia card hold is adorable and at least it didn't cost too much. Enjoy it!
  9. OMG roey, say it ain't so! you've always been my voice of reason and you are now confessing to owning 3 black chanel wallets...all at the same time?!?? ;)

    but definitely the chanel bug is a hard one to shake! join the club!!
  10. Ah I totally know how you feel!

    Every time I get a new Chanel I just look through the reference library until I find another one that I like. It never ends!
  11. Its strange and sick this habit. I was standing in the middle of chaos on a demo site and felt the urge. Needless to say on my way home this afternoon I ordered the large camella wallet finally.
  12. if it makes you feel any better i purchased 4 flaps this month and 2 are on its way .... I AM SICK. somebody cures me! ( eventhough i dont really want to be cured haha)
  13. WOW, this Chanel bugg... is some serious stuff!! :wlae:
  14. Larkie, I know, it's shameful!:shame: I rationalize it like this: different leathers for different bags. OMG that may sound good, but it looks positively psycho all typed out!!

    memyself: the long Camellia wallet is absolutely gorgeous! I really contemplated that one for my lambskin Soft and Chain hobo. Hmm, ya think?!
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: This is so awesome! I'm so happy not to be the only one. I showed posts like these to PHH to prove this point, and all he said was I'm allowed to play with you ladies anymore. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: