Adding fur to a suit jacket collar?

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  1. I have a fancy affair to go to in November. I own a plain well-fitting designer suit but it has no pizazz. My aunt suggested taking it to a furrier to do the collar trimmed in a real fur. Has anyone ever seen or done such a thing?:confused1:
  2. To coats, but not a suit jacket. Some nice jewelry would dress up your suit.
  3. I wouldn't put fur on a suit collar.
    I think you should get a pair of "statement" heels, a really nice clutch and a few nice pieces of jewelry.
  4. I've seen a suit jacket that had a fur trim collar, but it was detachable. It was attached to the suit with tiny buttons to the inside of the collar. It actually looked very nice, both with and without the fur trim.
  5. Hmm, Im not down with fur at all. Sorry. There are lots of other alternatives to looking dressy. :yes:
  6. i've done it, and it looks great. you can get a removable collar put in. there are lots of vintage ones on ebay in great condition.