adding an extra strap to thames ?

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  1. hello,

    I wonder if you can add an extra strap to thames GM ebene to wear il crossbody? Has anybody tryed it?

    I never see any question about this bag? Don't peaople like it?
  2. I did use the search feature.
    Nobody mentioned an extra strap. But maybe my english is not good enough and I didn't see it...
  3. Thames has fans, but a lot of people go for the Galliera. I'm going to get this bag in PM size sometime this year. I cannot imagine it with the extra strap, but I might try out that way at the boutique next week.
  4. Oh, I see.

    None of those threads mention it?

    Well, maybe this helps. This is the Galliera being carried with an extra strap messenger style. I think it might give you an idea of what the Thames would look like.
  5. This is very interesting. I never thought of doing this. Curious how it hangs.
  6. I managed to get myself into a LV store and the thames is def to small for me. The only shoulder bag in damier ebene that could fit to my needs is the NF. The trevi is havy. WHY don't they sell totally ebene damier, whyyyyyyyyyyyy ?