Adding "after-market" purse feet

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  1. Can it be done? I have a couple bags that I wish had those little metal feet. Is it possible to have them added after the fact? I understand that it could be tricky on bags with lining, but I almost wouldn't mind it if went through the lining. And I have an Andrea Brueckner satchel that has no lining, so I would think it would be simple on that bag.
    Anyone had this done? Cost?
  2. why would you want to do this?
  3. B/c I feel that the satch I have (shapped like a speedy) really needs them- I feel the feet keep the bag cleaner (i.e. your not setting the leather directly on the floor, counter, whatever).
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  4. I can understand wanting feet on a bag... you could ask your local leather repair shop... or shoe repair even? They should be able to help.
  5. It could probably be one, but realize this: if you alter the bag, the company that manufactured it may refuse to fix it if you try to get repairs done in the future. For example, Louis Vuitton will not repair a bag that has been fixed or altered by someone other than them.
  6. I havent had this done to any of my bags, but I definitely have wished that certain bags had them. Be sure to let us know how it goes if you do decide to add them to your bags!
  7. I will certainly let all of you know- along with pictures. And I'm not worried about voiding a "warranty"- Can't see sending any of my bags for repairs- would, instead, just have the local leather guy do it. Can't believe no one here has tried it before....
  8. Does the bag in question have some sort of structure to the bottom or is it pretty slouchy?

    Honestly, without some sort of structure to the bottom, purse feet would be rather pointless.

    If it really bothers you, i'd have them affix some bonded leather to the inside of the bottom of the bag, and then attach the purse feet.. maybe even add a lining.

    Talk about adding mods to your bags...

    at least you're not talking about some sweet rims or a spoiler/wing. ;) :lol:
  9. Bumping this thread because I had the same question, and just called my local leather repair shop. He said it's $15-20 for a leather tote. I just got the MK jet-set for travel and don't want it exposed to the filthy airplane floor, etc. I will speak with the leather guy to make sure that the interior is covered (maybe they can repair the lining after they do it or something, or at least make it so it looks professional). I'll post pics when I'm done!
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  10. I wondered if you ever did add the feet to your bag. I am in a similar situation with a tote bag and was interested in how you did it. I don't mind the small hole in the bottom, but don't want the prongs through the lining. I am wondering if I could slightly open a seam and slip the washer in through that. Then just move it to the feet prongs by feeling it. A small repair in the lining seam is much more acceptable to me than four metal prongs or four iron-on repairs.
  11. I have done it once with a leather tote bag. A shop that repairs leather shoes and bags did it for me and I must say that I'm still very satisfied with the result. It doesn't look like it has been added later. But it's important that you talk it through with the repair shop first, that you don't get any surprises afterwards like to big feet or poorly finished.
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  12. I was speaking to my local cobbler and he said the proper way to do it was to open the lining, add a base if it has a soft bottom so that the feet has something solid for the screw to go through before adding the washer. Otherwise, the feet may eventually fall off while using the bag.
  13. Hi guys, the feet on one of my coach bags has fallen off. have any of you experienced this? Do you think it's a quality issue?