Adding a "ticker"/signature

  1. I'm having trouble posting the URL to the my signature. Can anyone help or offer some suggestions? :confused1:
  2. You should be able to simply copy and paste the provided ticker code in your signature editor and save it. I never used the service, you may want to ask someone that you see uses it.
  3. ^That's was I was trying to do and then I got the message Invalid URL. I'll try it again and if it still doesn't work, I'll ask a fellow PFer who has one.

  4. I feel like a doof asking this cuz I know it must be simple:

    I can't get ticker factory to show up in my signature. I've tried...I actually get to the point where you are suppose to copy and paste from ticker factory to your signature, but it never works....

    Can someone offer this dingbat some guidance??

    Thank you!:crybaby:
  5. you need to post this in the feeback dropbox- they can help you there.
  6. If tickerfactory offers a "bb code" for forums, us that version and not the HTML one.
  7. Thank you!

  8. I have no idea what this means :confused1:
  9. I tried this and still no luck.
  10. You posted your thread in Coach. . . it's not a COACH thread, it's a technical thread/question so it should've been posted in the Feedback Dropbox Forum, which I moved it to already.
    The Coach Forum should only have Coach related topics.
  11. Well, that was helpful...
  12. have you pm'ed someone else and asked them what they did? i don't know what else to say...
  13. :confused1:

    you said you didn't know what Site Feedback is. . .
    I moved your thread to the only place on this website where people can help w/ technical issues.
  14. How do I and where do I put those ticker thingies in my signature? I feel like an idiot...
  15. Lilypie and such?
    Go to that website and make one and copy it's IMG tag.
    Come here and edit your signature in your "My Control Panel"

    LMK if I'm not making sense!