Adding a pocket to a bag

Oct 24, 2019
Has anyone ever had a back pocket added to a structured bag? So many of them have smooth backs. I have arthritis and having to stop to then open and close a complicated flap to get out my phone or id can take a toll. Some of my bags would be fully functional if they just had a slip pocket on the outside. Who would do this? A cobbler?

I'm not worried about release value, I just want to be able to use my bags sufficiently.


Mar 17, 2019
Usually outside slip pockets are stitched onto the leather panel before the bag is constructed. For a pocket to be added on now, it would likely need to be hand-stitched on. Or a cobbler can attach one with rivets instead. In either case, they would likely go through the inner lining of the bag with the needle or the rivets, so that may bother you.

The simpler option may be to attach a wristlet or pochette of some sort (leather, canvas, fabric) to the back of the bag. Clip the pochette to the d-rings on either side of the bag where the shoulder strap attaches. The pochette would not be part of the bag in the way an attached slip pocket would be, but it would sit flush against the back of the bag and serve the same purpose by acting as an outside open pocket. Also, it would not damage the original bag at all, so that's an advantage.

Hope that helps. :smile:
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