Adding a messenger strap to the original Edith?

  1. I hope this isn't offending the Purists...sometimes I just wish I wasn't limited to hand-carrying my Edith satchel. I was wondering if it's possible to order the messenger strap or to send it in to get a strap added? Since it's the same bag, just with a couple of rings attached:shrugs:...TIA!
  2. I'm really glad I have the strap on mine. Today at Starbucks I needed both hands to scoop out all the extra foam in my "no-foam latte" and I was able to throw my satchel over my shoulder quickly to do this. I refuse to lean my bag against the coffee-covered counter or set my bag on it.

    I wonder if a bag repair place could just add the rings and make a new strap in a matching color. I know some people might feel like it is "ruining" the original bag, but the strap is really handy for me.
  3. I met a saleslady in Saks a while back who saw my messenger strap Edith and told me she'd been advising her customers to just add a long strap to the standard one. Apparently they'd never carried the messenger version so she originally thought I'd had it added!

    I don't see a problem with it if it makes it easier for you to carry.
  4. I have both types of Ediths... with and without the messenger strap. I didn't like the messenger strap at first, but I am getting used to it now.

    The only thing I worry about is that the Edith is heavy already. By the time I load it up, it is really heavy. I am worried that the bag gets too heavy and that the straps will get ripped off the bag. I think it is only my personal fear, as those straps are pretty sturdy.
  5. I would like to have a strap too, anybody has a clew where we can order one?
  6. I thought about the weight issue too...the rings don't look that strong to me. But I think I'd only make this permanent "modification" if it was with an authentic Chloe strap. I have a feeling though, with the limited level of service for repairs and service that I've read about, that Chloe wouldn't do it, it would be up to me to find a leather repair place to add it. Just wanted to see if anyone had any success.
  7. co-ask.....

    I would like to find any local store that can make one, maybe we could get some nice sale belt, and ask them to help out?
  8. I put one on mine: I just used the strap from my laptop bag. It doesn't match, but it works.
  9. how did you make it? I looked at my edith satchel, it doesn't have the ring behind the handle like the messanger bags do. where did u secure the strap with? I would like to know!!!!!!!!!! thanks.........
  10. like this:
  11. thanks....unfortunately, mine style doesn't have a place for me to hook the strape....sadly...............
  12. Can you take a better picture of the sides?
  13. thans for looking at my pic, I would be thrilled if you could figure out the way to put a trape on for me. ....:tup:
    DSC00184.JPG DSC00185.JPG DSC00186.JPG
  14. Ok, how much room is there inside that little tab at the edge? Can you stick a needle in it?