Adding a "Little Romance"

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  1. I love the Picotin and have been inspired by an instagramer on how her SA turned it to be wearable on the shoulder with 2 twillies.

    Adding a Little Romance makes it more comfortable.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463105494.950520.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463105530.307393.jpg
  2. Do you mind post an mod shot please 🙏
  3. Such a splendid idea! I was just thinking of getting a cute picotin and was wondering if i should cuz I have only been a Birkin and Kelly fan hehe. I shall go look and hopefully snap a picotin of a cute color this weekend! Best thing about this idea is also the fact that we can always switch up the scarves for a different look ;) Thanks for sharing! :smile::smile::smile:

  4. Mine is an 18, not sure how it will look on larger ones. Definitely will be loving the Pico more with this strap option. Please share if you get one :smile:

  5. Here you go ;) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463111385.505815.jpg
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  6. Thank you so much!!! It is a great idea!
    I twilly each side right?

  7. Yes dear :smile: let us know how you like it.
  8. Now i need to hunt a cute pico first 💜😘
  9. Great idea, I have an old Barenia Romance belt which I can use with my Barenia Picotin, thanks!
  10. What a brilliant idea!
  11. What a great idea, looks so good. I've used a 90cm care but this looks so much better. Love the idea of using a Romance at the top on your shoulder for stability.
  12. You can do it shorter with with just one to go under-arm (or just with a maxi doubled up). Thread the one twilly through to under the Romance, loop over the rings once to keep it in its place and tie each end to you Pic

    You can also make:

    Summer day bag with a 90 (as in the ode to)
    Evening bag with a gavroche (Romance becomes the entire handle)


    I didn't even know there was an ode to the Romance and I have two, thanks mistikat
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  13. Thanks everyone.

    I didn't know there's an Ode to thread, gotta get some ideas from it to make the most out of this belt.

    Papertiger, tried with one twilly. Love it short too, thanks. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463145527.287853.jpg
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  14. Love it, I usually tie mine so the scarf is on the inside, but this is really pretty too!