adding a hole to Galliera strap

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  1. Has anyone here done this to their Galliera? I feel that the strap has room for another hole? I tried searching couldn't find anything on it..
    I am scared to do it thinking of taking it to a leather shop or something.

    Any tips or tricks or even pictures would be wonderful! thanks in advance.
  2. Honestly, I am scared to alter my LV`s, more of taking to a leather shop. I would go to LV shop and asked them to be sure.
  3. I know some have added holes to Eva strap but haven't read about the Galliera. I would myself try to avoid adding holes because of lowering the resale value and LV may not like it either if repair is needed.
  4. that's true never thought about that
  5. i don't think lv would care, but i would just be worried about how it would turn out.
  6. DO NOT do it, LV won't touch it if you alter it.
  7. okay thanks for all the input great to know!
  8. I agree as I need a hole in a LV belt and LV won't do it and informed me if I was to get a hole placed in it would void the after-sales service/care policy.

  9. I couldn't agree more.
  10. It is YOUR bag, and you can do anything with it that you want -- but the others are right -- LV won't do repairs, etc., on it after it has been altered.
  11. :goodpost::true:

  12. No No, don't alter your Galliera strap, what difference is one more inch going to make anyway?
  13. Have you asked if LV can add the additional hole to the strap?
  14. I would take it in to the LV store, ask them if they can do it. Becasue it is a expensive bag, if anything go wrong, it will be your lose.
  15. LV won't add a hole in the strap - I've asked. But they did add an extra snap for me on a snap belt. It most likely has to do with how it will affect the overall look of the bag depending on how it was finished. For straps, the holes are punched in the leather prior to the stitching around the edges being put in, so adding a hole after would not result in the same look because the leather isn't the same as when the original holes were punched. Adding the snaps was probably a non-issue because there is no stitching on the leather, so it's the same as when the other snaps were added.

    Not sure if this makes sense the way I typed it, but basically, if you absolutely want another hole, then you will need to find someone to do it and you should know that a) the hole will look different than the others and affect the strap, and b) LV will not repair any item that was altered by someone else.
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