Adding 1G ram to ibookG4 - how difficult?

  1. I added leopard to my ibookG4 and it is running really slow (dreaded rainbow wheel
    keeps popping up.) the tech said I have the minimum amount of ram loaded and i need to get more ram.
    I can order it online for a good deal and there are instructions on how to insert, but
    i am a little worried about trying to do it myself and wrecking my laptop.
    Has anyone done this? easy?
    If i brought my laptop to the Apple store, would they help even though I didn't buy the ram from them?
    thanks so much!
  2. Very easy to add :tup:

    We bought the imac and the notebook versions, which only had 1gb each, we got the 4gb upgrade from eBay as it was so much cheaper, and you just take the 1gb out and can put a 2gb in, or 2 x 2gb to make it run at 4. You literally just slot them in, very easy, honest :biggrin:
  3. Actually I would really appreciate it if someone could hold my hand through this... I have been meaning to pimp up my ram for a while - and I've heard that I don't need to get apple ram - but I'm not sure how to go about it..

    My macbook currently has 2 X Size: 512 MB; Type: DDR2 SDRAM; Speed:667 MHz modules..

    so does that mean I can pick up any pair of 1 (or more) GB; DDR2 SDRAM; 667 MHz modules and it would be OK? No problems about mac-compatibility etc?

    When I asked at the macstore, the genius murmured something about ruining my warranty (I have 3 year applecare). Any thoughts about that?
  4. 1. Adding RAM is very easy, my ex did that in 5 minutes and he is no techie by a long stretch.
    2. I have no idea if adding third-party RAM voids a Mac's warranty, but sometimes salespeople stretch the truth to make a sale.
  5. I want to buy a Mac this year....

    hope your situation resolves quickly!
  6. I have read on the mac forum that it does effect your warranty ... but you just remove it if you have to visit the genius bar:yes:
  7. don't need to get a pair. You can use only one stick if you want...FYI. Also, make sure you clarify the maximum amount your motherboard can take. Some motherboards only take up to 2gb, some 4gb, some even more. Before you go plop down a couple hundred for a 4gb stick, make sure it will work.
  8. very true. has a really easy search to tell you exactly how much your computer can hold in each slot and exactly what kind you'll need.
  9. Thanks all for your help!
  10. Wow - that didn't even cross my mind.. duhhh (except now I'm getting a bit of a guilty feeling just thinking about it. I'll get over it!). Actually - from my researching the Apple discussion boards - I see that it is a bit of a 'yeah but no' issue - and comes down to the genius of the day.....

    Thanks Charles and Amanda - I now have my specs... (2 x 1 GB max) - good to know!

    Thank you also for hooking me up with I had no sense of direction not being familiar with the brands (discussion to be completed elsewhere on the boards) so I had to make sure for myself that I was getting the best quality ram (if it existed).

    I can see from this discussion that you lead me directly to the best possible place!

    I'm adding these bits (which I have swiped from the apple discussion board) - incase someone comes across this thread at a later date... In terms of which brand
    "Always buy RAM from a Mac-friendly supplier with lifetime warranty and good returns policy. Some "value" brands do not work well on Macs."

    "(Choose) Micron (Crucial) or Samsung. Possibly Hynix, the second biggest RAM maker, but I don't know where you can buy that in the U.S. All three are the major RAM suppliers (by contract) to Apple, so if you were to randomly buy iMacs, those three are the RAM you'll find in them.....The RAM you buy from Crucial, or Micron RAM or Samsung RAM will be the EXACT same stuff Apple gets direct from the RAM companies, so no worries:smile:"

    And finally here is how the Apple website explains how to install it..

    Thanks again All... off to pimp up my ride...
  11. Wow, thanks for this info! I want to upgrade mine too and now I think I'll try it.