Addie Boots...Just got mine...lovely, anyone else have them?

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  1. Last year I got a pair of Coach boots and loved them so much I got both black and brown. So, this year I've been drooling over the Addie boot but wasn't sure about the 3" heel but ordered them in Black anyway.

    Well, the UPS lady just dropped them off, I ripped open the box and the first I could smell the fabulous Coach leather smell, then the boots....ahhhh they are are lovely! Plus they fit like a glove and even with the 3" heel they are super comfortable:yahoo:

    Anyone else get them yet? The only thing I noticed is that they are tall...really tall, fit just below the knee... or I'm getting shorter hahaha
  2. Show us show us!
  3. I will post some pics tomorrow :yahoo:
  4. I would love to see pics of them...since last fall I've been an Ugg fan because of the comfort but I'd love a pair of Coach boots. :smile:
  5. I definitely want to see!!!
  6. I have some yummy UGG boots as well, you're right they are comfortable.

    I was happily surprised with my Coach boots from last year...started me on my new bad habit...besides being stylish and cute they are really comfy. I got brown and black and found myself wearing them almost every day, a great go-to boot.

    This pair has a slightly higher, narrower heel but again they fit like a glove and are comfy.

    Pictures to come :P
  7. i wanna see as well. i have only owned 3 pairs of coach shoes,2 i gave away and 1 pair i sold. i love how several look but have not found "the perfect pair" yet.
  8. I have a pair of Coach sneakers and just bought a pair of the Geralynn sandals off ebay (for a steal of $39!!!)...but I'd love some Coach boots. I saw some styles at my local Marshall's and TJ Maxx but they didn't do anything for me. I'm always interested in hearing what other ladies have and how they like them.
  9. I just got mine too. I like them but really can't decide whether to keep them or get the Natale boot since the heel is more practical for everyday wear.....decisions, decisions!
  10. How wide is the calf? I have really skinny calves and wondering if they would be too large.
  11. HisWifeTheirMom 4purse how are the boots so far? I'm thinking about buying a pair.
  12. Ohhh yes, pics please! I love boots, especially taller ones, would love to see (mod pics too if you are willing :smile:
  13. LOL. I had actually sent them back last month because I thought there was too much room in the leg shaft but after searching high and low for boots with no success, I bought them again with this PCE and got a great deal since they dropped in price to $199 before the PCE! I will get them tomorrow and will definitely post modeling pics. They are perfect! The heel is perfect, not too high and thicker for stability, the sole is rubber, and the leg has enough room to tuck pants in and has a lovely, but not easily seen zipper.

    I definitely recommend them! Will post tomorrow!
  14. I just got the Natalie and love them. Wor ether last week to a concert and will prob. Wear them again to the white house this wknd. They are quite tall. I am 5'10" with most of my height being in my legs and they stop just below my knee. They were comfortable, although slippery the first outing. I have the tan color and they were about 200 w/PCE
  15. I am obsessed with Coach boots at the moment. I love the Addie!!! :love: I wore it to my holiday party at work and it was really comfortable. I just got the Nancye and Candid but I havent worn them yet. Ill try to snap pics and report back :biggrin: