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  1. besides handbags (obviously since we're here! lol)

    what are you addicted to? this could be anything so i thought general was best but mods feel free to move it!

    for me it's

    -orange tic tacs
    -green tea
    -hello kitty stuff

    what are your addictions?
  2. Boyfriend :heart: , chocolate, sushi, blogging, shopping, reading, and minesweeper (internationally ranked!)
  3. Reading (magazines and reallly grisly scary books!)

    Horseback riding

    Hanging out with my SO

    Starbucks Venti Iced Caramel Machiatto Non fat

    Manicures (1x a week!!)

    Steve Madden ballet flats!
  4. Coffee,
    reading fashion mags!
  5. Reading
    Smoking:shame: (3 a day)
  6. Passion Tea Lemonades
    Internet [mainly MySpace and TPF]
    Text Messaging
  7. I'm addicted to internet, buying clothes for my sweetheart, reading magazines, mocha frapuccino and shaken black ice tea sweetened from Starbucks, reese peanut buttercups and photos!. I took photos weekly and put them on kodak gallery week by week for the past 62 weeks :graucho:..its interesting to see myself growing old :Push:, and oooh..hubby-to-be does exactly the same thing especially since we are apart at the moment till next June.
  8. magazines
    boost juice (all berry bang)
    game bookworm
  9. .any kind of sweets
    shopping on the internet
  10. reading
    cooking (!!)
    Hong Kong TV Series
  11. Crossword puzzles
    Internet shopping
    Diet Coke
    Peanut Butter
    Quiet time
    Vacuuming -- sounds crazy, but I love to vacuum!
  12. internet (especially tpf and ebay)
    yahoo messenger
    vintage clothes shopping
    fashion magazines
    books (novels, movie director's books, children's books)
    my cell phones
    tv series (currently is grey's anatomy
    dvd shopping
  13. Lip balm
    Internet shopping
    Chai latte
  14. My biggest one is information.
  15. Shopping
    Celebrity Gossip
    I think that's all I'm really addicted to.