Addiction to tPF chanel

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  1. Hi Ladies- I spent hours and hours on tPF chanel forum these about you? often do you visit this forum...I am feeling guilty for using so many my work hours...:nogood:...dont tell my boss...:yahoo:
  2. I'm single and self employed so in between jobs this is my playtime. I love playing here. I'm especially fond of the Chanel threads. Never get tired of the photos and comments. :yahoo::tup:
  3. I am totally obsessed with tPF-- i love all the people on our forum. Now that it's my summer break and I'm in Taiwan, I spend most of my days on tPF. Unfortunately, my internship starts in a week. Booo :sad:
  4. I, too, am obsessed with tPF. I just love looking at everyone's beautiful bags and accessories!
  5. me too! im way too obsessed. wake up in the morning - check chanel forum. eating lunch - check chanel forum..working - check chanel forum. LOL.
  6. I spend wayyyyy too much time hre O_O......its begining to scare me lol
  7. LoL, you and me both! First thing I do when I get to work is log on :shame:.. But hey, I won't tell if you won't! :sweatdrop:
  8. I love this forum, but no offence to anyone I do sometimes feel like a real shallow SAADOO
  9. i log into TPF even when im at the airports lol :shame:
  10. I shouldn't be on here for as long as I am but I can't help but drool at everyone's yummy bags. It's like a breath of fresh air from work. Since I work from home, it's equally as tempting.:Push:
  11. I can think of worst things to do. Imo, looking at new purses, etc. is only part of why I come here. Members are supportive of each other, have a sense of humor, and give honest opinions and advice when asked -- not to mention the authenticators. Where would we be without them!!! It's a pleasure coming here and as I've said before it's a jewel.
  12. I am addicted to this forum. It's fun to hang out here and check out what's new.
  13. I agree with you all.

    I am addicted and love it - spend way too much time probably on the site. But as someone said there are worse things one could do.

    Lucky for me, we don't have any computers at home - all are at our office. (Work with my DH). So, I am able to get other things done over the weekend.....hehehe.

    I do look forward to Monday to see what new stuff is going on.:yes:
  14. Don't feel bad. Think about all the free entertainment! You're actually saving money by spending lots of time here. :smile:
  15. I'm addicted!! I log on every time i take a study break!