Addiction To Pandora and Troll Beads

  1. The biggest jewellery line and the most addictive has reached Australia. Trollbeads and Pandora beads. Each bead,tells a unique story. You can design your bracelet by selecting beads that have special meaning for you, and in that way create your own personal story.Great gift ideas for all ages. Before selling them I starting collecting a bead at a time. Then I would find myself laying in bed thinking about the next bead I would buy. I was addicted!!!!:nuts:
  2. have a look at this video on Pandora Bracelets if you dont know what they are or how they work. I prefer Pandora to Troll, I dont like the troll bracelet itself or the clasp, SEE YOUTUBE VIDEO BELOW
  4. Hi there everyone,
    I have come across a great website in Australia called
    Great service and quality beads.
    They stock a great range of beads that will fit pandora, bacio, chamilia, biagi, tedora, chamilia etc etc.......
    They stock real unusual beads like a dragonfly, that has a tail that moves.
    Worth a look for any Pandora lover!