Addiction Satchel

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  1. I found the Addiction satchel on Endless last night and I really like it!

    What do you guys think? Have you seen it anywhere except Endless?

    I don't recall seeing this one in any of the previews we've seen. I would love to know if the dimensions are accurate and how it looks in real life.

    Also, I think I am spoiled by the price cut on the "regulars". I don't think I can pay $650 for an RM again. Thoughts?
  2. I have not seen this anywhere either. I actually like the Leopard Nylon one:P
  3. I really like it!
  4. honestly i think that bag looks kinda cheap. the long handles always make me think cheap :-s
  5. ^^ I agree w/the handles comment. The first thing I look at when I am considering a bag is the handles- if I don't like them, I won't buy the bag.
  6. Looks a little too busy for me and I agree the price tag is a bit steep!
  7. I don't care for the handles either....reminds me of Cole Haan bags.
  8. That is a cute bag...! Try googling it?
  9. I really like it! I'm curious to know if any of those seams are also slip pockets on the outside, I wish I could see it in person. :smile:
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    Oops! Error on my part. Sorry.
  11. That's not the Addiction, it's the rapture, I believe.