Addiction : Admission thread

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  1. Addiction is an uncontrollable compulsion to repeat a behavior regardless of its negative consequences.

    I have just bought a bag that costs 50% more than my most expensive bag - it hasn't even arrived yet and I am on eBay looking for the next one...

    My name is Slow ! and I am an addict .

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  2. Thank goodness for this thread!!!!!
    This is the best reveal of all times.
    The amount of time spent thinking "bags" is insane. It is "bagbulimia", and exists to cover emptiness in other parts of life...
    Recovery is possible, but it involves other parts of life getting richer...that's the problem. If only every dream came true.
  3. :crybaby:Your name is Slow.... slow at getting off the (Mulberry) game. :biggrin: Can't wait for your reveal, it's gonna be a beauty.

    Korzinka, believe me, recovery is possible. Buy a house that takes all your money and bingo, no more bags. Sadly I know from current experience! :crybaby: but I'll be back with a vengeance one day in the future. Patience is a virtue.
  4. My hero Eric Clapton has beaten his addictions to heroin, cocaine, alcohol, women & nicotine - by his own admission the only one left is shopping :happydance:
    I always try to look on the bright side -it could always be worse !
  5. I wanted to buy just one mulberry so I had a classic bag. Now I have bought 3 bags and a purse in a short space of time, have a sizable credit card bill and yet am still umming and ahhing about getting a Roxanne and wondering what the outlets have in blueberry!!!!
    My name is midlands lass and I too think I'm becoming an addict!!!!

    Ps has anyone seen any outlet blueberry, come on, enable me, hahaha!!!!!
  6. Pps, looking forward to the new bag reveal slow
  7. Aww thanks Mini :hugs:

    Ahem though - 'recovery' only never cured will be back :biggrin:
    It's never too late to admit it and sign up.
  8. this will be the best reveal ever! (i can tell...)
  9. Takes a deep breath and stands up from chair and declares (with hair glossy like Carla Connors in Corrie ofcourse ;) )

    My names Jools and I too am an addict.......

    Now, tell us what you have been up to Slow, and if we sign to join, is there a gift ;) ! lol
  10. Have done that! only bought bags because now I have where to put them!
  11. Im the biggest and the most tragical hypocrite addict in the world. Im a vegetarian and at times trying to be at least a semi-Buddhist. I stroke the dead cow whilst thinking it is a by-product... and Im trying to reduce my lust for newly produced bags ( like that would do any difference), wear faux (extremely expensive of course) and buy most of my leather shoes from outlets or on sale:smile:
    Yes, Im an addict to all the luxury I can afford. And I cant wait for your reveal!! If it is something I'll love - I hope it will be discontinued v soon - so the wannabe-Buddhist can have it too :greengrin:

    Its very hard to be me.
  12. Slow, I just emailed you not 10 minutes ago but reading this, I think you've already answered my question!!!!:biggrin:

    Yay, can't wait to see.......:graucho:
  13. Patience dear CB patience :graucho:
    The 'gift' will be inner peace and a healthier bank balance !
  14. ^ what, nothing Materialistic - pah ;) :biggrin:

    and you know me by now dear Slowhand - Patience is a Take That song lol
  15. Hi! My name is Shaznayk and I have been an addict for many years now....I can't kick the habit...I thought I would become a responsible adult when I had my son...No! I went to collect him from Nursery last week and they told me he loves playing with addict in the making!:devil: