Addictiion problem!!!

  1. I didn't think I had an addictive personality but boy was I wrong! Since I've been on this blog, I have 3 books half read, a bunch of overdue phone calls to return, dinners uncooked, family wondering what the hell I'm up to and a BF who thinks I need Betty Ford!. What happened to the "nuts" smiley guy? he should be here!
  2. You are not alone. This site I visit the firts thing in the morning....I am hooked. It gives me more urges for buying new bag.
  3. I often check this site even before I check my email. :roflmfao:

    I love talking and sharing ideas with all of you! I can think of worse addictions!:biggrin:
  4. You mean like crack?
  5. ^^^ LOL

    Maybe Megs and Vlad should rename this to the CRACK blog! :o)
  6. my husband calls it purse chat and thinks it's chapear than anything else i could be into
  7. :lol: Or maybe they should just post a warning to new members that this is MORE addictive than Crack! (just kidding:smile:) Sometimes I am amazed at how many HOURS go by without my realizing it! I swear it felt like only 15 minutes!
  8. Another one for the club!!! :rochard:
    Since I discover the forum, the only way to keep me away from it is when I'm travelling for business... and boy it's difficult!!!
    I mean, bags and shoes all in one place.... totally unhealthy for my bank account!!!!! :roflmfao:
  9. Exactly. i am here only few days, but a lot of hours... :smile: hehe
  10. Time flies when ya having fun. :love:
  11. "addictive?" yes totally !! Before joining I wanted to buy 1 Classic Designer Bag that I would keep my whole life. But couldn t decide....
    Now - a few months after joining- I think it s OK to buy ALL of them (the ones on my wish list...) why choose ?
    bad bad bad.....
    Actually everytime I try to get 1 of my girlfriends into tPF, I always warn her with "carefull it is addictive from the 1st time !!"
    So she won t blame me .
  12. :smile:) hehe you say it best...
  13. I admit I'm not as quick to reply to my email as I was before I started visiting this forum! I don't watch as much television, either. I don't think I've neglected anything important, YET. But I am wanting more bags!!!
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