addictedtopurses and i were thinking...the coach sisterhood!

  1. we've been pm'ing back and forth tonight, playing with this idea that the SO smart hermes girls were doing.

    the sisterhood of the traveling coach scarf!

    would you all be interested? there will be requirements to join, of course (to be determined). but is there enough interest to plan this out?

    addicted, please feel free to add in!
  2. to see what the hermes girls are doing, go here.
  3. so far, i'm interested :smile:
  4. I'm interested! ANd if I start working at Coach I'll have some "divine secrets" to add :smile:
  5. this could be so much fun and it would give us all a chance to get to know each other better.

    let us know if you are interested so kallison and I can figure out how to get this started.
  6. I would totally be interested!! It is such a cute idea! :yes:
  7. I'm interested, but can we make it a ponytail scarf?
  8. Oh and let's get the "requirements" out now so we all are on the same page please.
  9. that's what we were thinking! maybe the legacy one?
  10. I am interested in this. If you work out the details please do let me know.
  11. prematurely, the requirements will be a few months on tpf as well as a higher post count (specifics not yet determined...but we want people to be more established members to be involved, you know?).
  12. I can get a cute scarf if you guys want, we could either chip in a 1$ for it or I can just get it (no biggie).

    I think it would be fun, I love watching the hermes girls. The stories are amazing! haha. We better watch out they're going to come get us for stealing ideas! :p
  13. nah, they'll love us. Isn't imitation supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery (according to the saying)
  14. I Am Soooooo In!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. they have the stories if i can steal a birkin. :p