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  1. To this forum, lol.

    I've been at our new house in the Highlands since Thursday and we have no internet connection yet. I felt like I was having withdrawal symptoms by not reading this forum, lol. I can't believe how addictive it's got.

    I'm back in the central belt until Thursday as I've got a couple of house viewings to do, then I'm off back to the Highlands for a fortnight. I hope Sky get a move on and connect me online soon.
  2. I'm the same... And I've only got my Nokia smartphone by way of internet access too!
  3. Rhona, I can totally relate to you.

    I'm caravaning at sandend, moray coast and have very little internet access.

    Everytime my OH is out surfing and i'm not I find myself picking up my blackberry and logging on to the forum.
  4. Me too! LOL
  5. Aren't we all sad cases? Actually, this forum keeps me from going insane like now, I'm at work and have nothing to do.

    I'd love to be in the Highlands right now.
  6. LOL me too! It's always there behind my work screen, take a peep from time to time...

    Absolutely fab when I'm in one of irrelevant-but-have-to-attend meetings with laptop (always sit at the corner in front of the bushy plant :greengrin:smile:
  7. Luckily the our site has free wifi access. I don't know how I'd cope otherwise. Hope you continue to enjoy your holiday Tiree. I'm home now for three weeks. Can't get round to the unpacking and washing. Would rather be here....
  8. I'm still sunning it and playing in the sea. Another week for me.
  9. I'm always on this forum. I can't stay away, even though it fuels all my bad habits. I talk to you all so often it feels like you're my close personal friends, though on a different continent.

  10. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. We have a caravan in Tummel Valley Perthshire, we're going to pop in on the way up to Strathpeffer on Thursday and perhaps stay until Saturday.
  11. Tummel valley is lovely. Used to camp there a few years ago. Stunning location.

    Spoke too soon, its raining now but hopefully just a shower.

    Where is strathpeffer? I've watched the bike race on the adventure show but never been there.

    Am seriosly missing my milberries this time round. Not sure if its a good thing having access to the forum. Perhaps I wouldn't be so obsessed if I didn't come on here.
  12. i have a desk top pc and a mac book i also have a blackberry so i can get net all over the place .

  13. Strathpeffer is 20 miles north of Inverness or 3 miles north of Dingwall,it's a beautiful victorian village. We've got the rain here too now.
  14. I spend most of my time at the gym by having coffee and looking at the forum on my iphone rather than working out - maybe that's why I haven't noticed much of a difference in my fitness!!! hahahaha
  15. :lol: Ali, that's hilarious - the cost of that gym membership is sure going to mean that's some expensive coffee you're drinking!!

    Hope it's all going well. There'll be nothing of you the next time we see you.