1. Okay, you guys... I have been on this forum too much!! Originally I thought my citta was the perfect bag, bought that and choked on the price.. then I saw Inferno and nearly died because devils, vampires, mummies = just my thing! So I bought the Inferno Gioco, am completely and utterly in love with it :yahoo:and it makes me happy every time I look at it (iPod girl!) and none of the other prints/styles I really have to HAVE...then I go on this board.. and eBay.. and zuccas (which I originally thought were weird looking) start looking so cute to me... and bella bellas.. (originally didn't like the way it cut off the print)... and ciaos... and stellinas! I originally only liked giocos and both my citta and inferno are giocos! Not to mention, I am starting to love/obsess over the adios star print.. and of course foresta (although there are so few now)...and even l'amore... I can't afford this obsession! Ack!!! This site is an enabler!
  2. i started with a gioco about 3 months ago. gioco was perfect and i thought it was the only bag style i'd ever like, but jeeezus, i think i have most of them now. it's eaten my bank account as well as my boyfriends. i think heroin would be less expensive.
  3. you know what I mean then! I forgot also to mention the bambinone... I really really want a bambinone now...
    Does anyone know if they make it in Adios Star?
  4. they do make the bambinone in adios star. call the sh outlet!
  5. If you do buy from karmaloop, dont forget to use the JN14626 code so you can save 20% off
  6. lolz..i think its worse than drugs. tokidoki is in my life 24/7 and I can not stop looking into buying more.
    Everything started with one campeggio and now leads to 15 more bags.

    welcome on board...haha
  7. thanks so much you guys! if you order from karmaloop, do they help you with print placement?

    I can't decide wtf is the best style bag for the adios star print... I just know bambinones look cute and I'm now way too obsessed with adios star... agkfdj... no money for this silliness... but I can't help but love it. My boyfriend made fun of me when I bought my second gioco... he'll kill me if I buy any more tokidoki b/c he knows what they cost!
  8. What is a good price to get an AS bambinone at? I'm only used to buying giocos, so I don't know the costs of the other ones, just in general... is the SH outlet nice about placement helping?

    Enabler!! :wtf:
  9. the outlet has bambinones for $97.50 + shipping and tax in some states
  10. There's a listing for SH and their prices in one of these posts. Very friendly with helping, as they helped me with 3 bags. I think though I finally killed my addiction in tokis which is a very good thing :biggrin: However the only bad thing is now I'm hooked to other more expensive brands :sad: Only one more print in transporto with toki and I "think" I'm done. This site has been my downfall! o also with adios when I got the bag it ended up being 50 percent off so you might want to ask? Maybe it was some glitch with mine as they were advertised for 25 percent but my stellina ended up being only 60 someodd dollars insteada the 97 that was listed.
  11. yeah, the outlet would probably be cheaper, unless there's tax & expensive shipping. with that code for karmaloop, it comes to $110.95 with shipping [$6.95] so if their shipping's around $8, you save about $5. [assuming there's no tax, since you're in NJ. i've never ordered from them myself.]
  12. I believe the shipping for the outlets is 8.50 but correct me if im wrong
  13. you girls are so sweet and helpful!
    thank you for your replies :heart:

    I have to wait before I can buy another bag though...
    What if I buy it and never carry it because of the others? Such difficult decisions...

    Haha, i took pictures of the ipod devil girl and one of the vampire bunny and set them as backgrounds on my cell phone. Anyone else do this?
  14. I think after a perfect AS bambinone (I really want Bastardino and his little girlfriend) I can stop with tokis (at least with the bags... there's a shirt I really want... ackg)... it's hard for me to divide up time between my bags. I favor one and then feel "bad" for the others. How stupid is that?!