Addicted to RTW

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  1. I think I am addicted to RTW now. I found myself looking through eBay at various Hermes apparel that are for sale. I'm already planning what clothes I want to get next. At this rate, I'm going to be expanding to Hermes home furnitures and linen by next year.:nuts:

    Btw, wore my Hermes twinset today. Looooove it~ Nobody knows it's Hermes because they don't notice the H chain buttons.
  2. See, now you found something to spend your credit on!
  3. I start having Hermes RTW addiction,too. I always thought their RTW is too conservative for my taste. But they start producing trendy, but elegant RTW that fit into my taste!:yahoo: I just spent about ~$10,000 on RTW at Hermes, which I am really pleased with. I also already start looking for which RTW I want next!:P
  4. OMG! You're right! I need to call that store up and see if they can find me a dress or something chic!!!:yahoo: ok, maybe this is a sign telling me that now is not the time for bags, but time for me to explore other aspects of Hermes:yes:
  5. Pictures please!!!! You can be our Hermes forum model!!:yes: :flowers:
  6. These are the Hermes RTW I just bought! (Of course not the hat and the fencing mask:graucho: :roflmfao:, and I also did not buy that orange bra looking(?) top on the second picture:P )
    Hermes Jacket.jpg hermes skirt.2.jpg
  7. Ooooh!!! I like them~~~ How much are the orange skirt, the black jacket, and black skirt?
  8. I really like the lace detail on the orange skirt. They also had that same lace on a tunic top (both long and short) and unfortunately, my store couldn't find my size anymore.
  9. I don't remeber individual price...Sorry... The jaket is $4,xxx and one skirt is (one in the 2nd picture) about~$3000, and another one is I believe $4725+200...I didn't really pay attention...sorry,kou...
  10. oh! Kou you ended up staying with the jacket, the twinset, and the other one? I forgot what it was ;) Be sure to shows us pictures!!

    aspen, your choices are beautiful!
  11. I also just saw the RTW at H boutique yesterday, and they did have some nice pieces... :nuts:
  12. Aspen - you got that skirt! I love it.
  13. Greentea- Yes! I got it! It was completely sold out in US and Paris. But my SA found it in a city (forgot the name of the city) in France. Only one piece left in my size! Transfering that skirt took a few weeks. It was worth waiting!
  14. I completely agree! I love their RTW :heart: . I think Gaultier interprets Hermes so well. I especially loved this Fall/Winter collection. Congratulations to all of you on your new beautiful pieces. I know that you will enjoy them for a long time to come, :smile: .
  15. I saw some gorgeous pleated dresses at the Syd store in a silk, eau de nil type colour - to DIE for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish they did a leather in this colour......Lilach???????
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