addicted to Netflix!! anyone else?

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  1. i just joined with netflix and i am LOVING the instant viewing!! it's all i do on weekends with the SO. i've been catching up on classics as well as my favorite TV shows!!

    some i've watched lately:

    maltese falcon
    jesus camp
    my cousin vinny

    anyone else in love with netflix?:heart::heart::heart: any movie recommendations?? TIA!
  2. My DH and I do Netflix, and we've starting getting some TV shows on DVD for channels we don't currently get (like HBO). So far we've gotten into Entourage and Weeds. I'm gonna try to pick up a few back seasons of Nip/Tuck to see what that show is all about as well.

    We also realized that we can get movies via Xbox b/c DH has Xbox Live - who knew I'd actually end up liking Xbox? LOL!
  3. me too! i have been with Netflix for over 2 yrs and love the services very quick i love the British tv comedy couplings check it out.
  4. I've gotten addicted to RED BOX. watch it for the day, take it back exchange. maybe I like it cause there is one RIGHT down the street from me?? easy to deal with.. been thinking about netflix though.
  5. I'm really impressed with the Netflix Instant Play feature, also. It doesn't take ANY time to load, it literally just starts playing. Hell, even YouTube videos don't do that on my computer.

    I'm terrible about returning the Netflix DVDs in a timely fashion, though. I swear like a month can go by before I return my DVDs for new ones again.
  6. Love the Instant Play especially when I randomly want to watch a foreign film or documentary while DH is at work and it's my day off. I have it hooked up on our Tivo and Xbox 360 and it's just awesome:smile:
  7. I do the Blockbuster online membership. I prefer it over Netflix as you can go into Blockbuster and exchange them right away, and they mail you a new one right away as well.
  8. I love Netflix but haven't tried that instant viewing option yet.
  9. i used to LOVE netflix.... i'd have new movies every weekend... then i got a DVR and recorded so many shows that i stopped watching my netflix movies and i would keep them for 4+ months... so i finally just cancelled it last week.
  10. I had Netflix for years, and when we installed satellite I canceled it. Last year I renewed the subscription, in order to get a few documentaries I wanted to see. Then I realized they also stock TV shows, and I upped my subscription to the highest tier. I watch the DVDs in my kitchen, while I am cooking. In the last few months I have watched the entire series' of The Shield, The Wire, Degrassi and others. I looooove my Netflix again. It's great to be able to watch these things in order, when it's convenient.
  11. I love the Instant Queue too! The last movie I saw on it was School of Life. It's great being able to watch movies even while waiting for my next movie to come in the mail (I'm pretty cheap so I only opted for the 1 at a time movie option)
  12. Me me me....I go through phases where I'll watch my movies and send them right back or like Intlset said I will keep the movie for months on end. They are great though and the Instant View is excellent. I started watching Heros because of Netflix...there are a few others I want to see as well.

    I am just wondering what everyone has out or as #1 in their queue.

    The ones I have at home are:
    Stop-Loss- watched yesterday sent back today
    GoodFellas- although you can see it on Instant Viewing now
    Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2- for my daughter
  13. My husband and I love Netflix. He has an XBox 360, so we're doing a ton of instant downloads while we wait for the new releases we want to see. That's our only complaint, new movies take forever to get shipped to you!

    We tried Blockbuster for a week, but the Blurays we ordered were so scratched the disc would skip and pause!!! It was terrible, so we canceled. Netflix sends us Bluray movies in perfect condition.
  14. I just moved to the US and I'm turning into a massive netflix junkie. I live in NYC and there aren't that many big box rental places here.
  15. my SO wants to rewatch star wars so that's coming next hahahaha what a dork