Addicted to Muse

  1. I've recently purchased a Large Chocolate Muse the first week of July. I can't resist the temptation...bought another Medium Ivory Muse over the weekend. I can't wait to my shipment. :yahoo:
  2. woohoo! I love my muse too. Congrats! you should post pics of them both
  3. Wow! Congratulations. It is a beautiful bag. Two good choices. I have the large Ivory muse and love, love, love it.
  4. i really like the white too and with the leather, it wont be high maintenance.
  5. Good on you! I debuted my new large Anthracite Muse today! Love, love, love it. It compliments so well with my new YSL grey bow pumps too.
  6. my girlfriend got this bag a few weeks. its gorgeous, might have to get one myself. white would be gorgeous.
  7. Congrats! Hope you get your bag soon! :yes: