Addicted to LV, it all started with one little speedy...

  1. Hi, I'm a newbie and former lurker, with only 3 posts, haha.

    But I thought since I finally had time to play with my bags (and I love looking at other posters' collections), to take a picture and share. I've been "collecting" since my 22nd birthday, when my boyfriend at time time, now husband, purchased me my first LV. And it was all downhill from there. (hehe).

    here is my collection, the only thing missing is the BH, b/c my mom is borrowing her. Enjoy!
  2. Very nice! I love the mini Alma and mini speedy, super cute.
  3. those mini speedies are hands down, the most adorable things i've ever seen:nuts: i'm about the age you started collecting right now, and i feel like i'm looking at my (hopefully) inevitable future! beautiful collection:smile:
  4. The mini Alma is too cute! Thanks for sharing...I love LV too. Once you buy 1 LV and it's over....You always want more.
  5. superstar - Thanks, the mini alma was a last minute buy as I was on my way home from the Philippines. :smile: - almost didn't get it, but so glad I did :smile:

    vintagelove - awww, how cool. I never really set out to "collect" - I just wanted that mini speedy SOOO bad. DH put it in a HUGE box, weighted down with some plates, so I couldn't tell what it was, and box after box, I kept opening and finally at the end it was this teeny tiny box, and once I opened it, the friends that aren't really into LV, were all, hmmm, that's it??? haha. Happy shopping, its hard to stop once you start :smile:

    bubblejen - oh yeah, its totally over once you get one. I blame my best friend for doing this to me, haha, she got me into it as soon as I got out of college, :smile:
  6. Nice collection!
  7. Great collection- love the silver Vernis, groom wallet, and azur Saleya!
  8. Fabulous!
  9. Gorgeous collection! Keep on collecting girl! P.S. That was really sweet of your BF (Husband)! :tender:
  10. nice collection!
  11. Great LV collection!! Thanks for sharing!!
  12. Love your silver vernis!
  13. OMG!!! Totally LOVE your collection!!!

    I love your Lexington!!!


    thanks for sharing!!!!
  14. cute cute cute = love the groom pti
  15. Nice Collection! thanks for sharing!