Addicted to LV... especially Speedys?

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  1. Have you ever needed a certain color bag, and seriously considered buying another brand, but simply could not bring yourself to do it?!?

    I must be crazy! :wtf: I'd like a white Balenciaga Part Time, but I have four Speedys and I just love my Speedys so much that I want another one (Dune mini lin). I am afraid I will be disappointed with anything non-Speedy and non-LV!!!! :girlsigh:

    Anyone feel the same before buying a bag??

    Here is the bag I've been looking at...

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  2. Yes, I totally agree with you. I love speedy's

  3. I love my Speedys so much! I can use other bags but I always come back to my Speedys.
  4. Love mine too!!
  5. I totally understand how you feel. I have been wanting a black LV bag with silver hardware, but nothing so far has made my heart go bonkers. I was seriously looking at this gorgeous black patent leather Prada bowler with shiny silver hardware, but I had to talk myself out of it. I also remembered that Prada bags go on sale, too. I don't want to purchase it and then say, "Duh --- I should have bought an LV."
  6. YES! I totally understand. I wanted a Balenciaga bag so badly (saw the one you posted IRL in another color and it was TDF! :drool:) but I'm afraid I'll end up selling it after a few weeks because it's not LV.
  7. Love that Balenciaga!!! I had the same one but with Gold HW, I have the BG city with RHW now. I love my speedys too but I think having a Balenciaga, at least one is a must. So many bags, so little!!!
  8. I totally relate! I NEED a red bag, have no colored bags in my collection. I like red epi a lot but I'm not sold on any particular red epi style. I like the epi speedy and alma and petit noe, probably the latter the most in red epi but I'm not a shoulder bag girl. But I'm not in LOVE with any of those styles in red epi. So I do entertain getting a red chanel *gaasp, I haven't cheated yet* I will in the end get a red epi though I know it. I'm kind of ocd and hate change so that keeps me 'in line'.

    Personally, I like the mini lin dune more than a b-bag if that helps? I also like the ivorie epi alma.
  9. I know.... I would really rather have the Gold Giant Hardware on a bag, and I guess black would be more practical than white... but I want a white bag. LOL! I didn't even look twice at Balenciagas until I saw Vanessa Hudgens beyootiful black Part Time with GGH.... but still, maybe I would rather have a black Neo Cabby!! :sweatdrop:
  10. That helps a lot!! And I am OCD too! It drives me nuts to even buy different brands of beauty products, even though I have to! :nogood:
  11. I am so brand loyal or an 'only this one style' shopper it's not even funny. Here's my short list:

    I only wear:

    mac lipglasses
    movado watches (I have an esperanza and a harmony, both are discontinued)
    LV bags/accessories
    fendi sunglasses (have 3 pairs)
    Ralph Lauren oxfords, cotton sweaters and rugbies for myself and my children
    Lucchesse cowboy boots
    revlon eyeliner
    maybelline mascara

    I am inflexible on even entertaining wearing something that isn't in that category of what I already deem perfection. btw I think my fendi sunnies actually suck as sunglasses, lol, I still find myself squinting but I can't bring myself to try something new! I like the familiarity of them and the overall quality, they are glossy finish lenses and lightweight and simple.
  12. oh I thought of something that I actually have no brand loyalty to! eye cream, in my battle to fight my crows feet and fine lines, I will try anything to help that cause:P
  13. Yes i totally understand you. I loved the Paddy in red ( and i only have LV) so i was like you know what im going to buy it. So i did Yeah i ended up selling it two months later. I cant be unfaithful. im 100% LV .
  14. A lot of ladies here love their speedies, and I've got 2 myself.. but I think shoulder bags are still a lot higher on my love list.

    PS.. doooo it, get the Balenciaga. I've got the ivory PT with GGH.. :graucho::angel:


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  15. i love my speedies! but i have space to love other bags too hehe get the bal!!