Addicted to lip balm/gloss?

  1. I don't know why, but I think I have an addiction to lip balm. I keep buying more and more. I'm equal opportunist- it can be bonnie-bell/lipsmackers to burts bees to kiehls/bobbi brown. I have so many (and keep buying more) that I don't think I've ever finished one tube all the way to the bottom. Am I alone in this love- or are there others of you out there? :smile:
  2. me me me!! well, except my story is different:

    I am allergic to bascially everything out there. and being the weirdo that i am, i buy ALOT of lip products just to try out to see which work and which dont. lol, then i have a reject pile which my friends get and not so sensitive pile.

    it sucks being allergic, i can only use a limited number of glosses and lip balm
  3. I love Smith's Rosebud Salve, Chanel glosses and MAC glosses:smile:
  4. i love DuWop Lip Venom! I've recently converted over to balmshells. I hate how lip balm is sticky b/c my hair always gets stuck to my lips, this one is not sticky at all and the packaging is too cute to pass up! I love shoe fetish, the classic and you give me fever! "curse of the purse" is cute too!

  5. I love lip balm and glosses. I also wear lipstick sometimes. It's basically the only makeup I wear.
  6. oh dear. i've got more than 15tubes/pots of lip balms. from la mer to kiehl's to clinique to lancome to ole henriksen. i'm literally swimming in lip balm.
  7. Ahh I love lip balms! Not only do they all smell great, but they're also beneficial! Do you ladies have any suggestions of good lip balms? My lips tend to dry out pretty quickly!
  8. I was just about to ask the same..
  9. For dry lips (and not cosmetic-beauty reasons) try Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balm ( It is awesome!! It's about $2.50 a tube. Can be found at most natural/whole foods stores and at many CVS/Walgreens. Just don't get the "honey" version- for some reason the texture is weird. The original Beeswax version is amazing- pepperminty, it makes your lips tingle (the best feeling!). Plus- the company is great. They really stand behind their products (when I purchased the honey version and didn't like it- I emailed them to complain- they promptly sent me a tube of the original as a replacement). I also love the Grapefruit shampoo/conditioner and their almond body butter/lotion. (guess I should become a rep for Burt's Bees, huh?:yes: )
  10. I am definitely addicted to lipgloss! Even if I already have tons, I still keep buying more. Sometimes I even get that product, even if the product itself I really don't need, but for just the lipgloss that comes with it! lol! Like this bracelet by juicy couture that I am thinking of getting, there is nothing really special about it, but I just want it becasue the charms have lipglosses in them! :yes: That way I can have lipgloss with me at all times! :lol:

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  11. Me me! My friends got me into it. It all started with the fabulous Dr. Pepper lip smackers and the rest is history! One smells so good I could almost eat it. :shame:
  12. Sugar by Fresh... honestly you put it on... and like ten minutes later, all of the dry yucky skin just comes off.... and your lips are so soft...

    My boyfriend even uses it.. but he keeps saying he's going to spraypaint the outside of the case cause it looks like lipstick. LOL
  13. I love lip balms and lipgloss but I can never finish it either... I'm always on the hunt for better and longer lasting (lipgloss) ingredients..
  14. I love lip balm.
  15. I love good ol' Chapstick especially in Strawberry. Have them in my car, purse, work bag, etc. . . Just got carmex(cherry) that is in a tube form. Works very well in moisturizing my lips.