Addicted to leather?

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  1. Everytime I look at purses I check to see what they are made of. If it does not say leather, I instantly hate it. I have this idea that leather is the only durable material you can make a purse out of (is it the only durable material???). I also think it is the only material that looks nice for a bag. My laptop bag is leather, my winter coat is leather, my handbags are leather. I feel like a leather freak...I love that leather smell and the feel.

    Anyway...the point is am I being silly thinking only leather is good enough to buy?
  2. LV canvas is extremely durable! ;o)
  3. Yeah Im guilty of being gullable. Ive bought PVC bags thinking that they were leather. But I get pissed to find out they arent. I like leather, BUT dont sleep on canvas as was posted above! I also like fur, hairs, and exotics (alligator, croc, and python). This may be a bit much for an animal activist though. So if you are try a canvas bag from time to time. They hold up in bad weather also!
  4. I love leather as well :biggrin: I usually only buy leather, fur, or exotics. I'll consider cloth, but it has to be really cute and add a lot to the bag.
  5. I buy a little of everything except vinyl. If you treat them right they can last a lifetime.
  6. Have you considered nylon? I love Longchamp and Herve Chapelier to tote things into work. Both brands are very classic and streamlined, and I never have any problems with them....very durable and easy to clean. Not that there is anything wrong with loving leather.
  7. Got to agree - for me leather is the best, well maybe exept for mink :amuse:
  8. Leather is gorgeous, I will admit. My next bag will most likely be a custom-made Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 made completely of Vuitton's renowned natural cowhide (leather).

    P.S.- Remember, Vuitton does make leather bags, not just the LV canvas ones (although these are mind-blowingly durable), such as Epi leather or the jaw-dropping Suhali leather. :love:

    If you want a less shocking price tag, look at Coach leatherware. Their bags are also VERY well made. :amuse:
  9. For the subject of handbag, I'm totally into leather too, it's the way to go, with the occasional canvas, and even denim sometimes, but denim usually turns out to be fad-dy, not a long time use.
  10. I too am a leather lover for handbags...I like the way leather ages, smells, feels, etc.

    We all have our preferences.
  11. i love leather, my uncle used to sell leather jackets and i have many of them although recently i am more into embroidered coats and jackets so my leather jackets were not used much. i love bringing my uncle the bags i purchase and letting him tell me if it is good leather!
  12. I do love leather bags a lot, but I'm not partial to them. I have a bit of canvas and nylon in my collection, as well as wicker for the summer time. I think the technology and quality of material has improved so much, that bags not specifically leather hold up really well with daily use.
  13. i only like brown leather, non of the dyed or metallic leather "P.
  14. All my most precious bags are leather - I have some others such as a Burberry - but no fur, I have an aversion to bags made of any kind of wooly or fur material - JMO.
  15. Most of my favorite bags are made of leather! I love the way it smells and how it ages nicely with use.