Addicted to Handbags...Are you? Lets have a chat on the bags you own

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  1. Hi,
    I am fairly new to this forum. In fact it all started out when i was crazily hunting for Balenciaga bag , The gold bag that i missed out during last year collection. I found it in Ebay in incredible price, but the thing is i am no good in knowing what is the real or fake. I always have save sooo hard on my hard earned money and buy the real thing from the shop. Then i stumbled across Purse forum by chance and i meet nice members here who have help to authenticate my bag for me. Most of all i like about this purse forum is that
    you find tips on caring your bags and then you learn about different brands of bags that i never thought i actually like them till i see and understand what brings people going crasy over them.

    In my young days i can never afford anything so i wonder why gals go crazy over branded bags till in 2008, i felt in love with Miu miu and i most regret i never bought my first love bag which is the picture in my profile. Till today i still hunt for it.. since then i am a serious miu miu fan, then Balcenciaga.. then when i came to this forum i realise you can actually get seconds at a much affortable price.. closer to your dream.

    I am now in love with Fendi B bag and Selleria range, spy bags which are discontinued.. if you ever came across Fendi B bag in black leather do let me know.

    This is a fantastic forum.. i love to know your story how you become addicted and what bags you go gaga over it! My husband cannot understand why i go nuts and baby over them. Please share your thoughts and love to hear from you!

    Here is one of the fendi B bag that i am going crasy over.. not sure if it is authentic the design but i love love the overall design of the bag. Cant wait to get one of these pieces:smile:

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    Enjoy! :smile:

  3. Thank you New mommy _va for sharing all the links. Now i know i am not the only one that is unstoppable in bags.. i hope i can learn to stop my addiction.I only know my addiction has gone worst and my credit cards bills is really up to my bag.

    Yes i wonder am i in the middle age crisis and going thru this crazy stage of mind. I am very sure of one thing is that i only have 2 hands and i cant carry all the bags i have but it feels so good to look at them and wear them:smile:
  4. My latest addiction is Fendi B bag and i found the black leather version ... yeah just hoping it is the real one!!!!

    Here is the photo:smile:

  5. Have you seen the Fendi forum? You can learn more there.
  6. I've been hooked ever since the Sex in the City Fendi baguette years, followed shortly by the Balenciaga City, Chloe Paddington and LV Murakami crazes. I've only very recently converted over to Chanel and Hermes, which I resisted for a long time.

    I also love looking out for low key brands (in the US at least), my current faves are Piero Guidi, Tano, Smythson, Moreau and Dries Van Noten.

    Yes, my name is ForeverInPink and I am a purseaholic :cool:
  7. Thanks Jelly V:smile:
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    thanks for sharing.... it is thru the purse forum that i learnt about buying second hands and saw the chloe paddington.. however i receive a fake and now am fileing my first ever claim in Ebay. In the midst of healing my wounds, i bought myself a chloe paddington yellow ziggy bag from yoggi's clsoet. Yes i have to say lately i am a bit of the mix.. i am into chanel too.

    Finally got the guts to walk in because the bags are always in my mind unaffordable. i once heard from my gf if you dont have 5k dont botter to walk in.The first one i saw was the 2.55 lamb skin in grey just 3 month ago and its price at $8200.. its abit too deal for me. i have after i got married , i become a practical mama.. i need my bag to be substantial and feel in love with the grand tote.. however they dont stock and its a much reasonable price at $3360!

    Did u see the valentine's collection.. it is soooooooo cute .. it $4700.. that i have to justify...

    Hermes is something i find i can never afford.. its too far from my reach over $15 to $25k for a bag.. if i earn alot money one day i will consider:smile:

    So have you own any chanel or Hermes yet?

    I have just gold my new gold Balenciaga from net a porter.. lovvvvveee it and soooo light!.

    Here are my two very much love Bal! i just need to find a chance to use them yet.

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    Hi ForeverinPink, I googled the Lv Murakami... soooo cute! Which one did you have or liked.

    I like this one, please see pictures attached below

    I was never into LV, till when they launched the demin range. like them but didnt like the price. i was in my early 20s just started work and the branded bag then i could afford was GUESS. i have tons of guess and till now i still have some of them.. heaps have been given away. Never knew LV has such cute collection! Thanks for sharing:smile:

    I envy you live in US i believe. there is so many brands there and so much more affordable. been to NY 6 months ago. i went crazy with tory burch, coach is so dirt cheap compared to other parts of the world. got alot of things as gifts. I bought my first bottega venetta clutch there. heaps of micheal kors, 2 bags from burberry, 1 for miu miu.
    Put it this way i spent one year worth of my spending money there.

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  10. Hi ForeverinPink,

    Ooooh I like tano.. where can you buy them? I can see myself getting a few of them looks so soft and squashy .Just to share with you when i am on budget my affordable brands that i like to shop online are Angel Jackson. Love their snake skin collection.
    Steve Madden flats shoes and clutches.
  11. Sorry CrazyPen, only just saw your replies now!

    I found my Tano Moving on Up hobo which I love dearly at my local Goodwill for around $50. They had the exact same bag at Neiman Marcus for 4-5x the price! Anyway, that's how I discovered this brand, the bag (now in possession of DD in college so can't post pics at the moment) is TDF and I always get compliments on it.

    Thanks for sharing your stories, yes I am in the US. I also love Steve Madden flats and have them in an array of colors, so fun and well priced! I will have to check out Angel Jackson.