Addicted to Diet Coke -- you too?

  1. Diet Coke was inexplicably out of stock last night so I ended up with Coke Zero out of sheer deserpation. It is not cutting it -- bleh, this stuff is awful.

    Anyone else gotta have their Diet Coke? :wtf: I used to be awful and drink 3-4 a day, but now I limit myself to one, maybe two.
  2. I'm just about to pop open my 2nd one of the day - eeeek it's not even noon here! :nuts:
  3. I'm addicted to diet pepsi vanilla. Hate regular diet pepsi.

    I usually get diet coke at restaurants (if they have it.) Otherwise, it's iced tea or water for me. :smile:
  4. Me too!!! It's so bad actually because I have 4-6 a day!:wtf:
  5. It's the only soda I drink! So refreshing!
  6. My brother bought the one with's nasty :sad:

    I like the normal Diet coke
  7. I don't know if I like Diet coke (anymore), but I love that it's 0 cals. My favorite is the Wild Cherry Pepsi, but seriously... that in diet makes me feel weird-- bad headaches, even. So I can't drink it as diet.
  8. diet coke addict here:shame: I drink one can a day, everyday at work around 2 p.m. I need a kick after lunch.
  9. I am completely addicted to Diet Dr Pepper, I have about 6 or 7 everyday, and I am a total ***** if I have to go a whole day without one.
  10. I am one of those "weird" people who doesn't like Coke...
  11. I am the Queen of Diet Coke. I've been guzzling it since it came out 20+ years ago - ? We have free soda at work and I'm sure the guy who restocks is scratching his head wondering why the DC is depleted so quickly. 8 a day for me I'm guessing. <sheepish grin>
  12. I love diet coke!!!! I love regular coke also! I love dring Diet Coke when it is really cold, or with ice.
  13. I was severely addicted...three cups of coffee and about 5 bottles of Diet coke. My PHH made me quit and I feel better. I do Diet Rite cola. No caffeine, sodium, calories. It really tastes pretty good.
  14. Completely and utterly addicted.
    I can't stand Diet Pepsi and in Italy they served Coca Light which was terrible!
  15. Regular Coke and Diet Coke w/ lime addict here!
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